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Easy Ways to Add Shade to Your Garden for Summer

Lets take a look at ways to add shade to your garden for summer

As we start to wave goodbye to the winter and say hello to the spring and summer, we can begin to look forward to some warmer and brighter weather.

However, the love of sunshine isn’t shared by all during the summer and the need for shade can be quite high. So, in this blog, we look at some of the creative ways that you can add shade to your garden to make summer even more enjoyable!  


Ways to Add Shade to Your Garden for Summer


Why add shade to your garden?

Before we can go into the ways you can add shade to your garden, it’s important to understand why shade is sometimes needed other than the sun becoming a little unbearable. For others, shade provides several benefits for the health of their overall garden and allows them to use their garden for different activities, these include:

  • Decreasing the amount of moisture lost in plants through transpiration
  • Keeping direct sunlight off of foliage and reducing the amount of stress placed on vegetables
  • Reduces excessive heat stress after the sunrise which provides enough energy for photosynthesis to take place
  • Creating a space where you can east and enjoy the luxury of dining alfresco
  • Providing protection from sudden spurts of rain as well as the hot sun


Ways to Add shade to your garden

Now that we know the added benefits that shade brings to your garden, here are some of the easy ways that you can increase the amount of shade during the peak summer weather.


Garden awnings

When it comes to adding shade to your outdoor space, garden awnings are considered by some as the gold standard. These offer a colourful and stylish means of providing shade and come in a variety of different options depending on your specific needs. They’re easy installation and activation make them one of the more popular choices for adding shade to any part of the garden. Simply unwind using a handle or remote control to create a shaded area where you can escape the demanding sun.


Patio umbrella

Another quick and simple way that you can add shade to your garden is with a patio umbrella. These are super easy to install and provide an instant area of shade around your garden’s patio furniture whenever needed and are available at most home improvement stores, patio furniture outlets, garden centres and even supermarkets.#

Here, you can go for a simple option where you insert the umbrella’s pole through the hole in the middle of your patio table or for a standalone option that is placed in a desirable position. Available also in a range of different styles and colours, you can pick a patio umbrella that suits your needs and the overall design of your garden.


Ways to Add Shade to Your Garden for Summer


Shade sails – Ways to Add Shade to Your Garden for Summer

Usually associated with ships, sails are another creative and stylish way to create shade in your garden. Originally used in Australia to minimise the effects of the blazing sun, shade sails are a bright, fun addition to any outdoor living space in desperate need of some shade. With the ability to be overlayed, you can create some truly modern, eye-catching designs that protect a particular area of your garden from the sun’s heat. A bonus of using shade sails in the UK is that they are often made using waterproof materials, rather than breathable fabrics, so are great during periods of wet weather as well as overwhelming heat.


Trees & plants

For a more natural solution to your garden shade dilemmas, trees and plants are a perfect choice! The only downside to these is, of course, you’ll have to wait for them to grow before you can enjoy the benefits that they provide. However, once fully grown, your trees and plants will create a huge area of shade that can be enjoyed by all as well as providing an environmentally-conscious addition to your garden. One thing to remember before you plant your trees and plants is that once they are grown, it can be quite difficult to relocate them. So choose where they are placed carefully!


Ways to Add Shade to Your Garden for Summer


And there you have it, four simple ways that you can add shade to your garden for the summer.

Many, many other garden features can help with adding more shade where needed, so if any of these four options don’t tickle your fancy, be sure to do some extra digging online to find something more suited to you and your garden!


Ways to Add Shade to Your Garden for Summer is a feature idea




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