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Ways to Prevent Burnout when you are masssively busy

Today – Ways to Prevent Burnout

Ways to Prevent Burnout

Ways to Prevent Burnout

Do you find yourself longing for the weekend right at the beginning of the week? Do you struggle to get out of bed every morning and end up feeling too tired to do anything else by the time you’re home? You might be suffering a burnout- a phenomenon that has become increasingly common in recent years. No one needs it, it is not a sign of success and it will have a long-term damaging impact. We have a responsibility towards ourselves and the other people in our lives to look after ourselves and prevent ing burnout is a key part of that,

So let’s get right to it.

Here’s everything you need to know about ways to prevent burnout (and how to make your life so much more pleasant in the process)

Ways to Prevent Burnout

Ways to prevent burnout – simple and effective tips

Some of these ways to prevent burnout easy and some will require more effort but ALL will make you feel better in the long run.


Avoid Multitasking as ways to prevent burnout

You probably knew this one was coming- multitasking may be applauded and glorified today, but it is one of the main reasons you end up so exhausted and tired by the time you’re home. Learn to prioritize your work and try not to juggle too many things together. Working on a lot at the same time is only going to reduce your productivity and burn you out faster. It used to be so championed didn’t it – the ability to multitask? But actually, it just increased our stress levels which is rarely effective in the long term in relation to both efficiency and productively as well as physical and emotional wellbeing.

Focus on doing only what you need to do right now- keep yourself organized and direct your energy in one single direction at one point of time instead of trying to accomplish 3 separate things in an hour. This is one of the very best Ways to Prevent Burnout


Take Control to avoid burnout

Do you feel in control or is it all spiralling WAY out of your control these days. If so a burnout seems to be on the horizon. Setting an action plan for the day, week and month and in general, taking control over your day can really make a huge difference and can help keep you from getting exhausted at work.

It may not seem like a big deal, but when you have a clear idea in your mind about your goals and deadlines, and you have a basic idea about how you need to get things done, you’ll have that ‘peace of mind’ and will be a bit less stressed, if at all. And yes, doing this will, of course, help you manage your time and get things accomplished in a much better, streamlined manner. It always makes me feel calmer to have a clear plan and a to-do list. Such a simple thing but such a powerful impact.


Learn to Say No

Try saying it out loud a LOT if it is unfamiliar to you until it just rolls off of your tongue. This one’s a biggie that most of us tend to struggle with- whether we do it due to overestimating ourselves or any other reason. Having a lot on your plate is definitely going to increase your stress levels, and in turn, affect your performance. Plus, there’s also a bigger risk of you failing to do a task or two, which will weaken your belief in yourself. All in all, it becomes one big vicious circle of uncertainty, anxiety, exhaustion and burnout.

Remember that it is okay to not do everything and say no to some people, situations and tasks. Focus on what truly matters to you. You matter saying no to someone else is often about saying YES to you and your needs.


Ways to prevent burnout? Ditch Perfectionism

Oh, I know this is not going to be easy for you! Our thoughts often stress us more than our situations actually do, and if you can connect to that idea, this tip might work best for you. In our heads, we have a picture of perfectionism- us. We try to do too much of everything, tick all the boxes and get everything right. We have this grand image of ourselves and our life, and if things don’t go our way, we get stressed. We often overwork and exhaust ourselves, leading to burnout.


Invest in Self Care as a ways to prevent burnout

Yes, that’s right! You matter a great deal and need taking care of. This is absolutely essential. You don’t need to feel guilty about taking a break- self-care is highly underrated and a lot of us struggle to get some time for ourselves at the end of a busy day. Each one of us needs to find the time to sit back and relax and do nothing- even if it is for just a few minutes in the day. Indulging in a little self-care and taking some time off doesn’t mean you’re doing nothing- in fact, you are actually recharging your batteries, for the lack of a better word.


ways to prevent burnout


Over to you…. for more ways to prevent burnout when you are busy

I do hope you have found this post on ways to prevent burnout useful and that it will help you feel calmer and more in control.

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Psychology today discuss how to prevent burnout and talk about the importance of support and I  a agree it is one of the best ways to cope.


Over to you and your thoughts on ways to prevent burnout

So over to you now I would love to hear your ways to prevent a burnout. I think it is just so important that we are discussing these kinds of issues and our coping mechanisms as a community really helps and isolation is really damaging. So do please leave me a comment below if this is an issue that has affected you and I would just love to hear your strategies for dealing with it.


Take care of yourself- you and your life matter more than any project! You may also like my posts on how to stop being busy on how to have stress free home


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