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Why You Need Bathroom Fans

Today – Why You Need Bathroom Fans

New construction may, as a matter of course, include fans in every bathroom or WC. Many of us, however, have home or businesses with no ventilation installed, not realizing the hazards that might present. From minor inconveniences to serious issues like mould, here’s why you need a bathroom fan or window fan.


Why You Need Bathroom Fans


Why You Need Bathroom Fans

Moisture Damage

Small rooms without ventilation are likely to develop problems with excess humidity, particularly if there is water in the room like a WC or bathroom. High humidity levels can quickly become an issue. Without adequate ventilation, moisture builds up, saturating the air and eventually the walls and furnishings. High humidity can damage walls, cause metal fixtures and accessories to rust more quickly, and lead to paint and wallpaper peeling.

Installing a fan to circulate air out of the room reduces moisture levels. Many fan models have integrated humidity sensors that can automatically turn the fan on when humidity levels exceed a set level. This prevents humidity from building up enough to cause damage.



High humidity can create the ideal environment for mould growth. Walls, towels, and other furnishings can also become breeding grounds for mould leading to property damage. A bigger concern is the health hazard created by mould growth. Various types of mould and mildew are known to cause respiratory problems and other symptoms, particularly with people who have a mould allergy.

Young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with underlying medical conditions are at the highest risk of negative reactions to mould growth. Mould releases spores into the air as part of the mould’s reproduction process. Once in the air, the mould spores can be inhaled by anyone in the room and can be spread elsewhere in the building.




We tend to associate bathrooms with unpleasant smells. Some fumes, however, can be dangerous. This includes certain types of cleaners commonly used in bathrooms and WCs. Ventilation is very important when using these chemicals and special care should be taken to avoid mixing chemicals in order to avoid a volatile chemical reaction. A ventilation fan can quickly whisk away fumes to protect the people within the room.



Let’s face it, we know smells can be a problem within the WC. Bathroom fans can quickly circulation the air and replace it with fresh air from outside, thus eliminating or reducing odours. To help ensure your bathroom is always smelling fresh, bathroom fans are even available with automated options. You can set the fan to automatically start operation whenever the bathroom light is switched on or each time the toilet is flushed. Then your WC will be ready for the next person to enter the room.



For room without a fan the option is to open a window. Unfortunately, an open window can create other problems. Children might try to climb out the window leading to the risk of injury from falling out of the window to the ground below. Open windows can be an open invitation for criminals to enter your home. Even windows that having safety latches to keep them from people opened enough for people to enter or exit can present handy openings for leaves and bugs to enter. Even with a window screen covering, there is still the problem with dust and noise from outside creating problems within your room.

Bathroom fans can provide safe ventilation, without adding new problems. Their quiet operation and safety screen helps to keep outside creature outside while blocking the noise of nearby traffic or neighbours. The fans are carefully designed so that children can’t reach inside or injury themselves. You, meanwhile, can feel more comfortable hosting visitors knowing they won’t be faced with undesirable odours or humidity.


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  1. Paula
    February 28, 2018 / 3:50 am

    i really love this post and it’s just the best i’ve read today… I agree with the part of the odor and that can cause a demeaning effect on one’s health.

  2. Anton
    January 1, 2018 / 4:41 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more – you’ve mentioned some great points. I think that the mold and moisture damage are probably the most important reasons why a bathroom fan is needed.

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