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Common Home Issues That Can Be a Health Hazard


Let’s take a look at Common Home Issues That Can Be a Health Hazard.

Home is about much more than just a place to sleep. It’s about security, family and a feeling of safety. That’s why ensuring that your home environment is healthy, airy and enjoyable to be in matters so much.

Many homeowners consider home improvements when they want to completely redecorate their property, ignoring the signs of problems the rest of the time until the issues become extremely bad. This passive approach to fixing your home doesn’t just leave your property suffering from long term damage but can pose a health risk to you and your family at the same time.

This post is meant to highlight a few of the common home issues that might be affecting your property, covering how they are a health hazard and why you should get them fixed as soon as possible rather than wait for it to become a major problem.


Common Home Issues That Can Be a Health Hazard



Common Home Issues That Can Be a Health Hazard

Roof Damage

This seems like an obviously necessary piece of home maintenance that you can’t ignore but the truth is, many people miss out on fixing roof damage simply because they don’t notice there is an issue! Aside from leaks or a tree falling onto your house, finding an issue with your roof can be quite difficult. Most of the time it’s all about awareness.

You know the sounds and sensations of your home, if you start hearing or feeling unusual things, make sure to check your attic or even better, get on a ladder and take a look at your roof. Often you can come across cracked, damaged tiles which risk letting water into your attic causing serious structural damage. A quirkier but equally common threat to your roof is the presence of animals nesting in the eaves. Squirrels are especially problematic as they have a habit of gnawing through wires, causing power cuts and accidents in the dark.

In short, keep an eye out for unusual behaviour from your house and investigate anything you don’t recognise. Then, get the issue addressed quickly and efficiently to avoid any structural damage or animal mischief.


Damp and Rot

Damp is easily the most common home issue to come across and can be caused by all manner of different issues. Poor ventilation, rising damp from the ground and leaking pipes or guttering are just a few of the potential causes. For most, damp is just an ugly stain that you know needs to be fixed but never get around to doing. It’s easy to discount the dangers of damp because it takes a long time to impact your property and happens over time, but please don’t ignore the issue.

If damp is left unchecked it can lead to rot and mould growth. Wet rot treatment is a fairly difficult process which has to be completed by experts, whilst the black mould that grows on continually damp areas has been connected to asthma onset in children. Ultimately, you want to prevent your damp issues from escalating to this point so that you can avoid these potential health risks.



Bulging or Bowing Walls

This is a much more uncommon issue in newer homes but for those of us buying older properties, you might come across this problem. Bowing or bulging walls, even if it is just a slight bulge, can indicate serious structural instability that really needs to be addressed. Often, people won’t notice that their walls are bulging until the problem has become very serious and even then, they might feel that everything is fine considering their house hasn’t exactly fallen over yet.

This is a mistake. Bulging walls have a range of causes, though the most common is the extension of your home. Houses are built to withstand a certain amount of weight which, if exceeded, leads to bulging or leaning walls. Usually, older homes which have been extended or built upon are the most common culprits and if left unchecked, these defects can lead to further structural damage or, in the worst cases, collapse. If you see a problem, get it addressed.

With any luck, this post will have highlighted a couple of the issues that you might come across and why you should get them sorted as soon as possible. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!


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