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Your Fashion Influences Your Mindset – Here’s How

Your fashion influences your mindset. This is not difficult to imagine, but it might come to as a small surprise to some of you. There are many who might believe that your fashion is simply an effort to look good, and if you look good, you feel good. Well, that’s not wrong in the slightest, but it’s a shallow manner of perceiving things.

Fashion Influences Your Mindset

Your fashion influences your mindset in a myriad of ways. This humble guide will enable you to do just that.

Fashion Influences Your Mindset


Fashion comes with plenty of personality. Each garment has a shape, a colour and a texture. Combining them is akin to combining paints on a canvas. The angular shapes that either complement or detract from your body shape, as well as the general color fluidity allows for either smooth or chaotic emotion to emerge. There are ‘better and worse’ ways of wearing garments, but often you have a great degree of freedom to work with.

What personality do you hope to express? Are you more into wearing all black and giving off an unwelcome but mysterious aura? Do you hope to wear glasses, part necessity and part to seem and feel more intelligent? After all, glasses are the universal sign of an introspective, rational and friendly person. Is there a certain piece of jewelry you can wear that is unique and distinguishes yourself from the crowd? Could it be a single feather earring, or a certain brand of watch, or something with some historical significance? For example, wearing a WW2 trench watch gifted to you by your grandfather could mean a great deal to you, as could a watch with a childish design that reminds you to keep in touch with your childish side. Personality can be found almost everywhere, and sometimes the daily expressiveness you choose to employ can come through the garments you wear. Be sure to respect this opportunity and you’ll make solid use of it.


Mindset is often intrinsically linked with our clothing, This is less about what you choose to express, and more about what you personally enjoy feeling and thinking. For example, wearing large cardigans and kimonos might make you more in touch with your reflective, spiritual and considerate side. Wearing personal garments like this around the home can heighten your comfort, especially if you have trouble relaxing. Baggy clothes are always the dominant and most perfect thing to wear in your home space, even if you’re interested in looking good round the clock.

If you hope to be more practical, wearing clothes like this can help. Angular, comfortable and tailored suits or simply smart casual apparatus can help you focus and feel ready for the day, even if you’re simply working from home and do not plan to meet anyone that day. Getting ready for your environment means donning the right clothing. We are not animals that carry around our coats, and this allows us to express our mood, intent, hopes and ambitions through every small thing we place on our bodies. Use these facts to get into your best mindset, and potentially enjoy more appropriate fashion choices throughout your life.

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