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6 Easy Ways to Use a Bunch of Mint Leaves

Ways to Use a Bunch of Mint Leaves – lets take a look.


Ways to Use a Bunch of Mint


The yard was full of tomato plants about to ripen, and mint, mint, everything smelling of mint, and one fine old tree that I loved to sit under on those cool perfect starry California October nights unmatched anywhere in the world.

Jack Kerouac



Ways to Use a Bunch of Mint Leaves

Whether you have a mint plant, blooming and waiting to be put to use or you just picked up a bunch more than you really need- whatever it is, we have you covered with some really cool and easy ways to put them to use!

Read on to discover the 6 easiest ways to use a bunch of mint leaves.




Easy Ways to Use a Bunch of Mint Leaves


Brew Mint Tea

The simplest, easiest way to put those extra mint leaves to use is to add a few of them into the mix while you’re brewing your cup of tea. Mint tea has been found to be excellent when it comes to boosting digestive health and has a very cooling and soothing effect on your gut.


Whip Up a Spicy Chutney with a bunch of mint leaves

Mint leaves, when combined with fresh coriander leaves, some garlic, lime juice, salt and green spicy green chillies, can turn into an amazingly delicious chutney that can work wonderfully as a spread for your sandwiches, an easy pesto for your pastas and even as a dip for your chips and nachos. You could also thicken the texture of the chutney by grinding together some coconut flesh or peanuts along with the other ingredients.


Create a Virgin Mojito

Guess what? Your extra mint leaves can turn out to be pretty useful when you’ve got unexpected guests, or just when it is a hot summer day and you’re looking to keep yourself hydrated. Simply chop up a few fresh mint leaves and place them into the bottom of a tall glass. Squeeze some lemon juice over it (or even drop in a couple of slices into it), a sprinkle of salt and sugar and fill it up with some regular soda.


Make Fancy Ice Cubes

Whether you’re hosting a little party for people you’d like to impress, or are looking to keep yourself hydrated with flavored or infused water for a change, mint leaves can be the perfect solution. When you’re filling up your ice trays, simply slip in a single (or a couple) of mint leaves into each section, and that’s it! This is such a quick and easy way to transform your mint leaves to something so ‘wow.’


Ways to Use a Bunch of Mint Leaves


Ways to Use a Bunch of Mint Leaves – Give Salads a Touch of Freshness

Mint leaves can prove to be an excellent garnish for all your home cooked meals, but if you’re really looking to get started with them, chop ‘em up roughly and add them to your salads to take the flavor factor up a notch. Mint leaves lend your foods an amazing freshness and help boost your digestive health too!


Team It Up With Chocolate

Let’s get real- chocolate and mint is a marriage made in heaven, and it would be a crime not to get them together if you’ve got mint leaves ready to be put to use. Look up a simple homemade chocolate recipe and give it a twist of freshness by sneaking in some crushed mint leaves. If you’re whipping up a chocolate pudding, don’t hesitate to sneak in the juice of a few crushed mint leaves into the mix.

Oh my god, I love mint choclate do you? I think this Lindt mint choclate iis probably my favourite of all and I often give mint chocolate as a gift at Christmas when i have no clue what to buy somebody!


uses for mint


How to grow your own mint

Mint really is super easy to grow – just buy a little plug plant and get it planted.  Do be warned however that Mint loves to spread quickly and can take over so be sure to plant them in a well-contained area or keep potted to stop them from creeping into places you don’t want mint growing.

I always think mint is lovely to have in a pot by the front door so people brush past it as they leave or arrive. You could have lavender on one side and mint ont eh other. What a delciioous scent combination



I’m looking for your ways to use a bunch of mint leaves

How do you use a bunch of mint? Do you have any top tips – if you do I would love you to share them below – just drop me a comment.


Peter curled his hands into fists at his sides. ‘Kiss me,’ he said. She leaned towards him slowly, until her face was too close to be in focus. Her hair fell over Peter’s shoulder like a curtain and her eyes closed. She smelled like autumn-like apple cider and slanting sun and the snap of the coming cold. He felt his heart scrambling, caught inside the confines of his own body. Josie’s lips landed just on the edge of his, almost his cheek and not quite his mouth. ‘I’m glad I wasn’t stuck in here alone,’ she said shyly, and he tasted the words, sweet as mint on her breath.

Jodi Picoult
The healing propertyies of Mint

How mint can heal

Over on my eat simply blog I take a little look at the healing properties of herbs and I have this to say about mint…

Mint leaves can add a soothing kick to your tea, in addition to soothing your stomach. Mint leaves can also work as a mild anesthetic which can help soothe a sore throat, and the active ingredient in the leaves – menthol – is known to help treat colds and congestion.

Isn’t mint just absolutely amazing!


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Ways to Use a Bunch of Mint


Stay fresh everyone!


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