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Beautiful art for a child’s bedroom

It can get expensive and overwhelming when you are looking for art for a child’s bedroom.

I have something lovely to show you today that will really brighten up a child’s bedroom or playroom walls and is simple and inexpensive to create!

Room to Grow, the online children’s bedroom furniture specialists have recently launched a large range of free wall decal stickers to download on their website.

I do love a freebie!

There are four  types of gorgeous stickers available and you simply download them. You can then can either print them out yourself or send to  a specialist vinyl printer  to have them  made up in laser cut vinyl. Super simple to install after that and oh they are just lovely

The ranges include woodland friends, Knights tale, under the sea and transport.

I love the under the sea stickers, I would probably choose turquoise and emerald green colours with maybe a silver anchor. Aren’t the designs lovely and under the sea is one of those classic themes that almost all kids will enjoy.


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I think when you use wall decals you really can keep the rest of the room quite simple. Do it yourself wall decals make a dramatic impact without taking up floor space, needing to call a decorator in  or shelling out lots of money.

I have been telling everyone about these.

Spread the word!





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