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5 Fantastic Christmas Planning Hacks to Get you Organised

Oh my goodness I have some brilliant Christmas Planning Hacks for you today 

There is no doubt about it, Christmas is a time of year that many people enjoy. The festive cheer, the events, the looks on your children’s faces, the food, and the drink. The chance to see family and friends and generally just have a jolly good time with the people you love the most.

Christmas is magical, not just for the kids, but also for adults as well. However, the one thing that we can all agree on is that Christmas can also be a little stressful. 


Christmas Planning Hacks

Christmas Planning Hacks


Christmas Planning Hacks

There is no hiding from the fact that Christmas can be an expensive time of the year, and there is also a lot of pressure, mostly that is put on by ourselves, to get things right and make it the best ever. However, you can make it a fantastic Christmas without running yourself into the ground. Here are a few ways to help you plan for the best Christmas ever.   


Get organised with what you have

One of the best places to start would be taking the time to look through the things that you already have. This might mean pulling out those Christmas boxes a little earlier, giving you time to plan for the things that you need to purchase, or providing the inspiration for any colour scheme change or things you want to do.

Many people also buy things throughout the year, such as gifts for example. So it will be a good idea to work out what you already have so that there are no duplicate purchases. It also gives you the chance to set budgets out so that you plan the finances. This brings me to the next point in my Christmas Planning Hacks


Christmas Planning Hacks

Christmas Planning Hacks


Christmas Planning Hacks – Budget

It may sound unfestive to start thinking about money, but planning your spending helps to ensure that you can have the best possible Christmas. The more you plan the spending side of things, the more you will feel more content with what you want and need.

Therefore planning the best possible Christmas. Plan your spending for things like gifts, decorations, events, and food. The more you plan your spending, the more you will be able to enjoy the festive period and utilise the time that you have with family and friends more effectively. 


Start to plan the all-important feast? Foodie Christmas Planning Hacks

It may sound a little over the top, but you can start to think about the food you eat on Christmas day right now. Not to mention any of the other get-togethers and food-induced events you may have planned. Things like the Christmas cake can be prepared well in advance.

But you may also want to start thinking about your budgets for the day, writing a list of what you might need, and ensuring that you get things straight ahead of time. A bit like meal planning but for Christmas. Some people even prepare some of the dishes and freeze ahead of time, allowing you to enjoy the day instead of slaving over the stove all day.

This helps you to plan out the festivities a little clearer and enables you to be more present and enjoy it, rather than feeling like things are rushed. 


Christmas Planning Hacks

Christmas Planning Hacks


Christmas Planing hacks – gift ideas

Sometimes what you buy for friends and family can give you the biggest headache around the festive period. While it may not always be about the giving and receiving of gifts, it does form part of the day. People can prepare well in advance for this, and think about things early.

Whether it is hand woven baskets filled with all of their favourite things, homemade delights or just having a list and ticking it off, it pays to be organised. Buying in advance of December can also help you to budget and spread the cost of Christmas. This leaves you fewer problems when January arises, and you have bills to pay.

Planning the gifts right down to the wrapping paper, tags, and even Christmas cards means you can get things sorted ahead of time. 



How do you plan on spending the festive period?

The festive period can extend a few weeks before Christmas and even be right through till New Year. So you may want to spend some time right now researching what events are happening locally or in your town or city. Will you be wanting to visit a grotto with younger members of the family?

Perhaps take advantage of events like winter wonderlands where there tends to be fairground rides or even attending a pantomime or a Christmas themed show.

There are always things to do and places to go. Of course,Christmas Planning Hacks will see you planning these things ahead of time will also give you a chance to save any money, or make advance savings by booking things in advance, so it is worth looking at what will be taking place. 


Do you want to organise a Christmas party or get-together?

Another thing to consider at Christmas is whether you want to host a Christmas party or get together? Many people like the idea of hosting a party for family or friends at this time of year as it presents the perfect chance to enjoy the festivities, exchange gifts, and spend some quality time together.

A drinks reception, a dinner party, or a full-on party can all be fun things to do at this time of year. Planning ahead of time will give you the chance to organise it effectively and invite everyone that you want there. 

Christmas Planning Hacks

Christmas Planning Hacks


What other Christmas planning hacks are there?

There will always be other things to consider when trying to plan the best Christmas ever. One thing to start thinking about would be when to decorate the Christmas tree. It seems things are getting earlier and earlier as years go by but this will always be a personal preference.  Perhaps deciding on whether you want to go and pick your own tree or buy something artificial from a shop. 



Christmas Planning Hacks


Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. Let’s hope these Christmas Planning Hacks will help you to plan the best Christmas ever.


Christmas Planning Hacks – over to you 

Let me know if you have any Christmas Planning Hacks to add to my list. 


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