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Is It Really Worth Installing Solar Panels on Your Home?

Going for solar panels is a big decision for any homeowner.

As the cost of installing solar panels drops, more Americans are putting them on their homes. There’s enough power generated by US solar panels to power 23 million homes now. If you’re wondering whether solar panel installation is going to be worth it, this post is for you.

Today, we’re going to discuss the benefits of installing solar panels. It’s important to gain a full understanding of how solar panels really help you, so keep reading and we’ll make it as clear as we possibly can.


What Is the Cost of Going Solar?

Every house and household has different needs. Most solar panel systems cost between $16,000 and $32,000, so there’s quite a bit of variance.

The main thing that determines the cost is the number of solar panels that you purchase. How many you install will depend on how big your roof is and how much energy you need to generate. For a more specific number, you can obtain a quote from a local solar installer.


Considering Incentives

$30,000 dollars is a lot of money for anyone to pay, which is why so many people stay away from solar. What you realize, on further inspection, is that there’s so much more than meets the eye when it comes to solar panel costs.

Federal, state, and local incentives are one of the many benefits of installing solar panels. The federal ITC, which every solar owner gets to claim on their taxes, is worth 26% of the cost of installation. 

There are numerous states that have similar incentives and plenty of local rebates that you can apply for as well. There are also SRECs, which are certificates that you get when you generate a certain amount of energy. You can sell these to energy companies and supplement your solar costs that way too.

When you combine all of this with the savings you’ll see on your energy bills, solar panels can pay for themselves pretty quickly.


Benefits of Going Solar

The benefits of going solar are huge, with the biggest one being that you can completely negate your monthly energy bills. If you install enough high-quality panels, you can even farm out some of your excess energy and make a profit.

The other main benefit is that you’ll be helping the planet. Global warming is out of control and one of the ways that we can slow it down is by avoiding the use of carbon-emitting fossil fuels that power our homes. Doing your part to help the environment heal is one of the more gratifying aspects of going solar.


Yes, Installing Solar Panels Is Worth It

As you can plainly see, installing solar panels is worth it and then some. Yes, the up-front cost can be a little intimidating, but with tax credits, savings, and rebates, you can lower the cost drastically. Once you’ve paid off your solar panels, it’s more money in your pocket and less carbon in the air.

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