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Key components of a stylish kitchen

Key components of a stylish kitchen 

Oh, to have my perfect kitchen!



Key components of a stylish kitchen

Shall I tell you what I would want in the kitchen of my dreams? it’s not untenable I just need to clarify what it is I am after then resolve to make it happen.


Kitchen worktops

Ah, the right kitchen worktops really can make or break the look of a kitchen. At The Marble Store there is a huge range of kitchen worktops and really you are spoilt for choice. Functionality and robustness matter to me as I cook a lot and need my worktops to be really tough. But, of course, I want them to look fabulous too. I really the like the looks and the sound of these Silestone worktops they are durable and non-porous and they have a unique anti-bacterial quality making them super hygienic. They are mainly made from quartz natural crystals and they come in a range of colours – 71!  What a choice!


Kitchen table

The things that happen around our kitchen table! We play, make, create and bake, homework is done, travel plans are hatched, we have big serious conversations and we laugh. Our whole family life is lived around that table. And sometimes it’s just me and a cup of tea and five minutes peace.  It really matters it is big and sturdy and brautiful. Oh yes, and wooden. You have to have a wooden kitchen table.


Big fabulous fridge

My firnedAmanda has a big pale blue fabulous Smeg fridge – oh how I absolutely adore it!  My fridge wouldn’t have to be a Smeg but I do like the American Diner look and it would need to be big and maybe have one of those ice dispenser units on the outside – my kids love those.



Key components of a stylish kitchen


Better lighting is one of the key components of a stylish kitchen

I work in the corner of my kitchen and as a part-time food blogger, I take a lot of photos in here. The lighting is dismal and on a grey day, everything looks dull. This does not inspire my work or my photographs. A big strip light might be the answer to light up the whole room! Something, anything has to be better than the little spotlights I currently have.

Big air vent

My kitchen gets smoked and aroma filled and neither these things please me. For some reason, we do not have an air vent so the windows have to be open all the while when we are cooking. I would just love a fan above my cooker or a big air vent of some kind. It would benefit my whole home. I hate lingering food smells.


So there you have it my list of kitchen wants. What would comprise your perfect kitchen?


Key components of a stylish kitchen is a collaborative post


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