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My all-time favourite musicals

My all-time favourite musicals

My all time favourite musicals


My all-time favourite musicals

Oh it has been a delight to reflect on my all-time favourite musicals.

I just love musicals. My mum was a huge fan and we would, every Sunday, watch some musical or other on our small TV. She introduced me to some real classics that still rank way up there as my favourites. Oh, how excited was she when video came in to being and she could watch her favourites again and again, rather than just hoping they would be shown on TV sometime soon. So, my list of all time We musicals includes ones she introduced me to and ones I have discovered myself along with my wander through life.

Let’s start with the ones mum introduced me to…


The King and I

Such an exotic love story. I loved all the dancing and the colours and soaring notes in this fabulous musical. It was on TV every single Christmas throughout my childhood and we would all gather round. Oh, how mum would swoon over how handsome Yul Brynner was! The  Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The King and I was based on a true story and I have to say I think knowing this to be real made it even more special to me.


Singing in the Rain

I have seen Singing in the Rain both as musical theatre and as the movie many times. It makes me smile and sing along so loudly. Such a fun story with the best songs. Who hasn’t splashed in puddles singing this song! Ah, you can’t beat a bit of Gene Kelly and when I was a kid the old man down our road always said I looked like Debbie Reynolds. What a compliment.


The Sound of Music

Oh, the sound of music ranks as my all-time most favourite ever musical. Many years ago I worked at a summer camp in Minnesota and one week we put on a production of The Sound of Music. Being English I got to play Maria. I had to learn all the songs super quickly and run around the hills of our camp with my basket. I adored it.

I would watch the film again and again with my mum over the years. Our favourite part is where the nuns let down the nazi’s car tyre. We would cheer every time. It is a true story and a sad but totally romantic and uplifting one…and oh the songs are just so memorable.  Raindrops on Roses …



I’m gonna live forever….

Fame made you feel invincible and oh my goodness how it made you want to be at the school of performing arts doing your thing in leg warmers.  Fame the film, fame the TV series both absolutely amazing and a huge part of my childhood viewing. The songs were on our lips all the time! It is currently playing in the wWestEWnd and I would love to see it!



Ah, Grease is such an iconic musical. I recall my dad taking me to see it at the cinema in 1978. I was FAR too young to understand it all! He fell asleep whilst I sat wide-eyed and transfixed desperate to be Sandy at her sleepover. John Travolta and his gang were just so exciting. And oh the songs. WE bought the record immediately and played it endlessly. I think I still know every single word. My son was recently Putzie in a school production on Grease the musical and oh he was marvellous. I will never, ever forget it.


Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat

When I was in the school choir we learned a lot so songs form this fabulous music and I just thought they were marvellous. Age 18 my best friend and I braved London and hit the West End to see Joseph in action. And Philip Schofield played Joseph and I swear to this day he winked at me. I loved the film version too with Donny Osmond and Joan Collins!


Mary Poppins

My stand out all time absolute favourite musical EVER has to be Mary Poppins. I can practically recite the entire dialogue of the movie (thanks to my som playing Bert in a school production). The characters are fun and quirky and the songs are a treat. I absolutely love Feed the birds’ and Let’s go fly a kite. It is a magical tale and the silly words and daft songs, as well as the lovely story, seem to appeal to everyone no matter what their age. I recently saw Saving Mr banks a film about the author and about the movie being made and oh it is rather fabulous.

So many memories and so much pleasure.


What  I’d like to see (and my kids too, of course!)

I would love to take my children to see The Lion King, Matilda and Wicked and store up for them lots of musical theatre memories too. Mine are so precious. This is a good place to go for  cheap London West End musical tickets


Over to you.

What are your favourite musicals? My list could have gone on and on – I would love to hear yours? Do drop me a comment below.


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