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My Chris James Mind Body 12 Day Cleanse Results

Today – My Chris James Mind Body 12 Day Cleanse Results


So here are my 12 day cleanse results.

rice salad

Wild garlic, spinach and pine nut salad


Chris James Mind Body 12 Day Cleanse Results

As you know may already know I have recently completed my journey through the 12 day  Chris James Mind Body Cleanse.


Buckwheat puffs and berries

Have a listen to how it went …


It’s been educational, interesting, hardcore!, definitely do-able, refreshing and enlightening.

I feel amazing and I think my body is just so grateful for the cleanse, my skin is so much softer, my hair feels better and my energy levels are high. My husband cleansed alongside me, as I said in the video I think this helped so much as we were eating and cooking together and could cheer each other on. He lost 7lb over the 12 days (but he is far less overweight than me.)


Avocado apple and walnut salad

Discount code

If you are interested in having a go at this cleanse yourself I have an exclusive discount code which you can use on the product range until the end of May, Simply pop over to Chris James Mind Body and use the code  BGH10.

Borlotti bean stew

Fabulous food!

We ate brilliantly throughout the cleanse.. just have look at the dishes shown throughout this post.  Gluten free, dairy free, sugar and salt free and vegan can result in creative colourful and tasty food. I have never eaten so well!



sweet potato rosti


butterbean soup



strawberry raspberry and mint smoothie

Would we recommend  Chris James Mind Body 12 Day Cleanse – Results speak for themselves

It has been an utter pleasure to review such a great product – it does exactly as it promises. 12lbs lighter and feeling fine! We highly recommend this cleanse and both feel refreshed and on a great path for healthy eating in the future.

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