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The many benefits of air conditioning

Today – the many benefits of air conditioning

One thing I would absolutely love to have in my home is air conditioning


The many benefits of air conditioning

There are so many benefits to air conditioning and I think it can make such a difference to you home.

Many years ago I lived in the States and I just absolutely loved the fact there was air conditioning in the homes. it was so lovely to come in from the hot and humid Texan heat in a space that felt fresh and clean. It just instantly made you feel refreshed and you could breathe again.

Good air conditioning in warm climates is so important but actually I think it has it’s place in most climates.

Living in the UK in this often muggy weather I often crank up the air conditioning in my car and breathe a sigh of relied as it fills the car and cools the air.

I feel just the same when I walk into a store and the air conditioning just makes me feel lighter and brighter.


The difference it would make

I am sure it would make such a difference to have air conditioning in my home.

There are clear benefits to air conditioning as well as the lovely freshness in atmosphere

These include:.

  • Improved job performance.
  • Increased physical and intellectual activity.
  • Less sweating occurs with air conditioning so there is a reduced risk of dehydration.
  • Air conditioning can help with allergies

A pretty impressive list of benefits!

I’d like air conditioning throughout the house and I’d especially like air conditioning in my bathroom, my kitchen and in my bedroom. These are the areas that get the most hot and humid and that I most want to feel fresh and hygienic.

Do you have air conditioning in your home. Would you like it? As always I love to hear from you so do let me know in the comments below.


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