Top Tips to Add Value to Your Property 

There are many reasons why you might want to add value to your property. Perhaps you are hoping to sell in the next few years, and you’d like to capitalise on your investment, or you might just want to breathe some new life into your home.

Whatever your reason for making some home improvements, there are a few changes you can make that may result in your home being worth a little extra.


Top Tips to Add Value to Your Property 


Top Tips to Add Value to Your Property 

Whatever project you are hoping to undertake, it’s important to plan it properly and use the advice of industry experts to help you achieve your desired outcome. With that in mind, Brett Landscaping explain just some of the ways you could add value to your property.


Improve your kerb appeal

The presentation of your home can give off a great first impression to anyone who visits, from family and friends to prospective buyers. Taking some time to improve the exterior of your home can be just as important as updating what’s inside it.


Your garden or other outdoor space deserves some attention, whether it’s through taking care of plants and greenery or by updating your patio area. By installing new paving, you could create a beautiful architectural landscape for everyone to enjoy.


Loft conversion

A loft conversion is always a popular choice when adding value to a property. It can be one of the easiest ways to create an extra bedroom, possibly even with a bathroom too. In most cases, bedrooms can add up to 15% to the value of a property.


In an area where there may not be much space, moving upwards into your loft can be an easy way to renovate. It’s important to think about the type of conversion carefully, and make sure you have the necessary planning permission.


Top Tips to Add Value to Your Property  wiith Parking

A property with ample parking can make a big difference, both to you and to a prospective buyer. Having a dedicated driveway for off-street parking can ensure there is a safe place to leave your car, and gives you chance to design a stylish and modern driveway that suits your property.

There are now ample materials to choose from when creating a driveway, so you’re no longer tied to tarmac or concrete. With specially designed porcelain paving, natural stone and other such materials alongside concrete, you have the luxury of completing the look of your property with a smart and hard-wearing driveway.


Kitchens and bathrooms

Having modern fitted kitchens and bathrooms are something nearly every homeowner looks for. If you’re hoping to add value to your home or increase its saleability, consider revamping your kitchen or bathroom.

Top Tips to Add Value to Your Property 


The beauty of updating a kitchen or a bathroom is that it will benefit you while you continue to live there, as well as appealing to buyers. 


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