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Transforming Your Room Into A Poker Palace

Playing poker from the comfort of your own home needn’t be a dull experience – why not transform a room within your property into your own mini casino? Converting some of your living space into a designated poker or games room might sound overly ambitious and extremely challenging, but you’d actually be surprised at just how easy it is. It’s also a good idea if you seriously want to improve your game, as playing poker within an environment that feels more authentic might just help you to focus better and therefore enhance your skills. So, how exactly do you transform a room into a poker palace?


Transforming Your Room Into A Poker Palace

Transforming Your Room Into A Poker Palace

Lets take a look how to do this… 



The lighting is important in any room, even more so when it’s within a room created for playing card games. Consider a low hanging pendant lamp and position it above the centre of the main table where you’ll be playing poker. Not only will this put a spotlight on your games so you can actually see your cards while playing, it’ll help create the sophisticated atmosphere of a proper poker den.

Games table and chairs

Most importantly, you’ll need to get a decent table and comfortable chairs, so that you can actually sit and enjoy your poker games. You might want to consider a proper poker table, which will look more professional and slick. If you want to evoke the atmosphere of a sophisticated casino, go for classy wood furniture. Find cushions for your chairs to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible because you might be sitting at the table for hours on end. Don’t forget, your poker palace doesn’t just have to be a den for playing against friends, you can also use it to play at casinos online to give you a more authentic gaming experience. For instance, if you’re playing at gaming platforms such as GGpoker Canada, you can enjoy the experience of a live poker game from your own home.


You don’t have to be a wealthy world-class poker star to have a bar in your home – creating a drink serving area is relatively straightforward.  All you really need is a surface that you can serve drinks from behind and some bar stools. Again, try to continue with the wooden theme for consistency and to give an authentic, classy finish.


The colour-scheme of your poker den is entirely up to you, but we particularly like deep greens along with the prior-mentioned wood finish. A few framed pictures on the walls will help to bring the room alive and add some more character. Perhaps you could add some casino-themed art to the walls, for instance, a print of Dogs Playing Poker or something similar. If space allows, you might want to add some other details to make your room feel like a bona fide poker palace, such as a roulette wheel, football table, dartboard, or even an arcade game machine. You also can’t go wrong with a mounted television on the wall, especially if you’re trying to capture the feeling of a sports bar.

Small details

While creating your gaming table and your bar area for your poker palace, it’s easy to overlook the smaller details that can completely make or break the atmospheric goal of any interior. For instance, consider stocking your drinks bar with proper whisky tumblers or cocktail glasses, rather than plastic cups. And of course, don’t forget the cards and poker chips! Whether you want to keep these on show within some kind of display cabinet, or hidden away in a drawer, is up to you.

Transforming a room into a poker palace can be a fun process and is much simpler than you might think. Have a think about what yours might look like now!



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