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Vinyl Flooring for the Family Home

Vinyl Flooring for the Family Home and why it is well worth considering

My kids are very easily distracted.

There has been many a time when they are carrying a drink or a snack and something else has caught their attention and whoosh  my poor carpet gets it. I am so very bored of brown stained carpet.We  bought the brown to hide the anticipated stains.

I am now definitely in the market for something practical to clean and super stylish too.

What do you think of this ?

It’s not actually a carpet at all it is vinyl floor tiling which is soft comfortable and no slip so actually ideal for a family room.  And it is uber cool.


Vinyl Flooring for the Family Home

Vinyl floor tiles are not something we have used before but actually they are very appealing. I love the design possibilities and they are a sensible child friendly choice.

Take a look at this wood effect vinyl if you wanted something a little more classic and natural looking. I think it that looks amazing and how easy would it be to just run a mop over. Such a great value option too compared to the price of hard wood floors.

Whilst I truly believe home should be beautiful Idon’t enjoy being in homes where you have to be ‘careful’ all the time. As an adult this can make it hard to relax but for a child it is stifling to both their creativity and development. And it’s no fun!!! Children should be allowed to play, race cars, and paint in their homes and vinyl flooring, unlike hard wood flooring and carpets,  allows this without fear of damage.

Big sighs of relief!

In the kitchen vinyl flooring is a great solution too.


I love the fresh and clean look of the tiles in this kitchen and how easy it is if the washing machine leaks or the blackberry pie spills to just mop it up.

Vinyl flooring can be bought in varying degrees of thickness for comfort and with a wear layer which coats the vinyl for added durability its not like the old lino that used to be sol popular back in the day.

My kitchen leads out onto our garden too and muddy footprints are tracked in all the time (not just by the kids either their dad is often to blame too) Easy cleans floors are an essential.

And I would consider vinyl also for the bathroom. My kids love to play int the bath and waters gets swooshed about all over the place. Easy to mop floors that are also robust and comfy are required. I love this mosaic effect for a bathroom floor. It looks like the bottom of an old Victorian baths.


and as Vinyl flooring comes in so many different designs and patterns you could be brave and go ultra modern with this

I think it would be just perfect for the children’s colourful playroom.

I think there is vinyl flooring for just about every room in the house!


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  1. The Mummy Diart
    March 19, 2014 / 1:57 pm

    Wow, it’s come a very long way. We are just trying to think of a simple, cheap solution to two floor spaces and I think this may be it. Off to peruse now!

  2. March 10, 2014 / 6:13 pm

    Nice post. Vinyl flooring has come a long way in recent years, hasn’t it? I love that final stripy one, it would look fab in my house!

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