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Why a potting shed is good for the soul

My grandad had a potting shed in his garden. Ostensibly it was a place to keep his tools, bring on his seeds and repot plants and make cuttings.

He liked to brew a big pot of tea and take it out to the potting shed with him. He had an old deck chair in there and  I would often see him sneak a newspaper out there with his teapot and mug. I think more often than not he was actually going for a few minutes peace. Sometimes he would be missing for ages and I would find him in his shed having a nap.

Often I would work alongside him in his potting shed. It always smelt to me of lemon verbena and tomatoes for some reason.

Just lovely memories.

Such a British thing isn’t it, this love of sheds.

I would really like a potting shed in my garden too (not just so I would have a quiet place to nap – but you know, that sounds a plan!)

SolidSheds have a selection of lovely sheds.

I just love this green shed, isn’t it cute? The colour is really harmonious and it definitely looks big enough for a comfy chair!



When it comes to Potting Sheds I think this one would just be absolutely ideal.



I love all the windows it would let such a lovely amount of light in wouldn’t it? The apex shape makes it ideas actually for those tall awkward shaped tools, They can also be easily positioned against a wall, fence or hedge. An apex shed also gives the feeling that the room is lighter and more spacious.

Ah, to have a shed like this to start off my seeds, take cuttings and spend time with my kids,chatting and teaching them about plants. It would be brilliant!

Every home should have one!


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