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6 Car Servicing Tips for the Winter Holidays

 Today – Car Servicing Tips for the Winter Holidays

Whether you drive about in the busy streets of London during your daily commute or stick to the more rural roads around Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Essex, the winter holidays present certain problems which you don’t always come across. This is because the festive period is also usually the coldest of the year as well as being the darkest time to travel around by car. What servicing regime should you have in place during the winter holidays to make sure your car is truly roadworthy?

Car Servicing Tips for the Winter Holidays


Car Servicing Tips for the Winter Holidays


One – Check Your Headlamps 

During the reduced daylight of mid-winter, you will need your headlamps more and more. Check your sidelights, dipped headlamps and full beam works okay before setting out on any journeys which mean you’ll head back in the dark. Don’t rely on sidelights alone at this time of year and change your bulbs accordingly.

Two – Look At Your Tyre Pressure & Get Car Service

If your tyres are not pumped up properly, then it is harder to maintain a good grip on wet or icy roads. In fact, you may need to replace any worn down tyres, too. Similarly if your car servicing is due and you want a properly maintained vehicle, you can book a car servicing appointment in Baldock from DAT Tyres. Timely service will save you from road trouble and you will be able to avoid any car breakdown situations while driving.

Three – Is Your Fog Light Functioning? 

Foggy weather in the home counties is more likely in the middle of winter. You might not have needed to turn on your fog light for months so check it works okay. Of course, fog lights are also sometimes needed during periods of heavy snowfall, too.

Four – Confirm Your Spare Tyre Is Okay 

If you drive over something which is obscured by snow, then you could face the prospect of changing a tyre for your spare. This is more likely during the winter holidays than at other times of the year so check your spare is in a good condition before you take to the road.

Five – Top Up on Screenwash 

In the winter you will use much more screenwash than you do at other times, especially if you’re are following a lorry on a rural road for a couple of miles. Make sure your reservoir is topped up every week so that you don’t run out and end up with a windscreen that you can barely see out of.

Six – Check Your Heating 

Some drivers only find out that their car’s heater is not getting hot enough during a cold snap. Before it gets chilly, turn your heating on full blast to make sure it is okay. If not, then have a mechanic check it out for you to resolve the issue.

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