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Handmade Gifts at Christmas with Amazon Handmade #ahandmadechristmas


Handmade gifts at Christmas with Amazon Handmade

I absolutely adore handmade gifts at Christmas, don’t you? By handmade I don’t mean the squidgy cakes like my daughter makes me or the slightly still glue -y bookmarks (although these are obviously the best gifts in the whole wide world – ever!)

I mean handmade gifts by people who are skilled artists and artisans who make their products by hand. You know, the kind of gifts we all like to receive.

Amazon Handmade marketplace is a space on Amazon where handmade goods are sold. Think a virtual craft market.  Let me show you some of my favourite handmade gifts from Amazon Homemade this year. I have to say they are all rather gorgeous and could easily slip into my shopping basket.


Handmade gifts at Christmas with Amazon Handmade

Personalised Santa Sacks

Oh, personalised gifts can mean the world can’t they, especially to children who have slightly unusual names and never find anything in the shops with their names on. Aren’t these personalised sacks just absolutely gorgeous?


Christmas with Amazon Handmade

Christmas Stocking Gift Bag by Dilly Dally Designs


What I like BEST about these lovely Christmas sacks is that they are reusable – the plastic Santa sacks I have used in the past al have always ended up ripped and thrown away. These are lovely robust quality and could be kept year after year. Gorgeous and eco-friendly too. Christmas with Amazon handmade is a bit special!


Personalised Christmas Eve Box

Whilst we are talking about things that can be personalised and kept to be used year after year I must show you these Christmas Eve boxes. They are so lovely – real treasures, just waiting to be filled.

christmas with amazon handmade


Personalised Christmas Eve Box by Dust & Things


Aren’t they classy? – and there is something about them being wooden that makes them heartwarmingly traditional. Perfect for Christmas.

We love a Christmas Eve box and I fill it with some chocs, new PJ’s and a new book to take up to bed. It is a pretty recent tradition but it is one I think will be around for good. I think that receiving a box with your name on as a young child then seeing it come out every Christmas Eve would just be absolutely lovely!


Personalised Kids book

Books are one of my most favourite things to gift at Christmas time. I love to encourage children to read and a personalised storybook is a lovely way for them to become fully immersed in a story These colourful personalised books even include the name of the child’s street on the cover! Each of these books is entirely unique as each beautiful illustration and rhyming story is purely based on the letters of the child’s name. How excited a child would be to read their own story!


christmas with amazon handmade


Personalised Kids Book by My Magic Name Personalised Children’s Books


Why handmade gifts at Christmas are the best

It is easy to throw money at Christmas gifts without a great deal of thought but handmade gifts are different. Handmade, bespoke gifts are individualised and show that you care and have really thought about the recipient. I know my kids would be absolutely delighted with any of these lovely.

Amazon Handmade is a treasure trove of great gift ideas. It is a truly lovely place to find individual sellers and crafts people and to support them. It is also the BEST place to find a really wonderful handmade gift – it’s like going to the best Christmas market with thousands of stalls from all sorts of makers. You can find jewellery and stationery, clothes and books, blankets and pots and well just about anything over on the Amazon Handmade Marketplace. A fabulous place to Christmas shop.


Happy Christmas shopping everyone! I know which hashtags I will be following this Christmas!  #ahandmadechristmas, #amazonhandmade, #countdowntochristmas, #madeforyou #craftychristmas

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