A functional dormitory room arrangement illustrated by the example of UChicago dormitory

Today –  A functional dormitory room arrangement illustrated by the example of UChicago dormitory



A functional dormitory room arrangement illustrated by the example of UChicago dormitory

Decorating a dorm room can be quite challenging as this is a rather small place that serves as a bedroom, dining room and a study room for a student. The arrangement of dorm rooms is rather typical for the majority of dormitory rooms. However, it doesn’t always mean that the place is very functional. For this reason, decorating and reorganizing stuff can be a great idea when one wishes to create a cosy place where they will feel comfortable spending time, studying and sleeping. Luckily, there are some universities that understand how important it is to provide their students with a functional dormitory room arrangement. One of such colleges is the University of Chicago. If you take a closer look at their dorm rooms, you will quickly realize that it is much more comfortable for the students to deal with their UChicago essay prompts in such well-planned and nicely decorated rooms. When one feels comfortable living in their dorm room, dealing with the task of writing a UChicago essay gets sufficiently easier. What is more, the whole atmosphere of the room makes the assignment of answering the University of Chicago essay prompts less frustrating. Following the example of the UChicago dorm room arrangement, here are a few ideas on how to make your dorm room both functional and stylish.


Loft your bed to create more space

Taking into account the fact that the majority of dormitory rooms have high ceilings, there is always a possibility to loft a bed to add more coziness. In addition, it is a great way to add additional space below the bed when you can keep study materials for working on the tasks of writing UChicago essay prompts or things you don’t need at the moment. Once you are done with bed lofting, you have tons of possibilities. You can either create a study space where you can freely work on the assignment of writing a Milton Friedman University of Chicago essay or make it a lounge area. The possibilities are really endless. Don’t forget that having a study area in your dorm room is important as well: one can’t always focus in the library, especially when dealing with UChicago essay prompts. Sometimes, one requires absolute peace and quiet to concentrate on the task of crafting the University of Chicago essay prompts.


A functional dormitory room arrangement


Personalize the room

When your friends, family and classmates enter your room, they need to see the reflection of your personality. What is more, it will be more enjoyable for you to spend time in the dorm room as well if you feel comfortable living there. For this reason, personalizing your room is the first thing you need to do. Apart from having a stylish and cozy room, creating a special atmosphere will help you deal with UChicago essay prompts better and find all relevant information regarding UChicago essay word limit faster. If you take a look at the University of Chicago vs Yale dorm arrangement comparison, you will notice that UChicago rooms have high ceilings and are rather specious. Thus, it gives its students an opportunity to decorate their rooms in a way that reflects who they are outside of college.

Speaking about some ideas on how you can personalize a dorm room, consider covering a wall with a removable wallpaper; rearrange the furniture; paint the walls (if it is allowed);  get more mirrors to create the illusion of space, as well as add personal objects and things that are of particular significance to you.


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