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10 Best Books About Minimalism

Books about minimalism can be your guide to a whole new way of life and are perfect for those of you who are minimalistically minded

Minimalism is the latest trend that has taken over the world. The love that people have for living a fulfilled life with less things is only growing with time. Becoming minimalist is something that more people are gravitating towards lately. 


Books About Minimalism


So how do we define minimalism?

a style in art, design, and theatre that uses the smallest range of materials and colours possible, and only very simple shapes or forms (Cambridge Dictionary


Books About Minimalism

Books About Minimalism


Books about minimalism

Books about minimalism are all over the internet where you can learn everything about this lifestyle. People are trying hard to find books that can allow them to know more about this trend. If you are also one of those people, we are here to help you out.  Let’s talk about some of the best books about minimalism that can find :-


  • Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life By Joshua Fields

We all want to live a meaningful life don’t we?

This book is about two best friends, Joshua and Ryan, who quit their luxurious lifestyle at the age of 30. The pair had everything that an average American wanted in life, yet they didn’t feel satisfied. This is one of the best books about minimalism that shows how it totally changed the lives of these two young men.


Books About Minimalism

Books about minimalism


They struggled with depression, dissatisfaction, and many other negative emotions. As they embraced the minimalism lifestyle, they found a path that led them to the kind of life they had always dreamed about. 

This book talks about their journey and how minimalism allowed them to find their one true happiness. Reading about these two best friends and their experience of becoming a minimalist will for sure inspire you to at least give this lifestyle a chance. 

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 Minimalism room by room – Books About Minimalism that act as your Guide

I like a detailed plan and if you do too then out of all the books about minimalism this will be the one for you I am sure. If you long to truly simplify your life and want a map to do so then do get your hands onto this book 

Here’s what you will find inside

This essential beginner’s guide to minimalism includes:

  • Make room: room-by-room–Learn how to tackle cleaning challenges in every part of your home–the kid’s room, the kitchen and dining room, the master suite, and more. Even small spaces like studio apartments are covered!
  • Practical makes perfect–Get useful minimalism tips and tricks, including money-saving, sustainability, and attitude adjustments.
  • Live with less (and love it!)–Powerful tools like checklists, sorting guides, and tracking sheets help you plan and stay focused along the way.


Books About Minimalism

Buy minimalism room by room here


Digital Minimalism ( has to have it’s place in books about minimalism)

Of all the books about minimalism I think this is probably the one most of us need most. So many of us are completely addicted to technology aren’t we I personally check mine first thing in the morning and last thing at night and my world is upon it, 

It is a huge deal in mu y life – far far too much so. If you get lost in a maze of gadgets, apps, and digital technology, then the concepts, tools, and tips you will learn from this book, Digital Minimalism in Everyday Life, will help you set things straight. This is a very practical book that will show you ….


  • Tips and strategies that you can do now. You don’t need to be an expert to become a digital minimalist, and you can start right away
  • A lot of actionable steps that you can do to help yourself out of digital addiction
  • The signs of digital addiction and why technology is so appealing to the human mind
  • Step-by-step procedures on how you can declutter your phone, computer, internet use, email inbox, and free yourself from the many distractions that reduce productivity
  • The most useful tools—including digital tools—that you can do to practice digital minimalism
  • Steps on how to do a digital detox: How you can start slowly and then do a full disconnect from the internet and technology to renew your mind and regain your power to choose
  • Digital minimalism exercises taught by experts and professionals
  • How you can protect your kids from the negative effects of digital technology dependence
  • How to prevent a relapse from happening

Books About Minimalism

Books About Minimalism


It is one of those books about minimalism that really could change your  entire life

Buy digital minimalism here


  • Everything That Remains: A Memoir by the Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus (cassic books about minimalism)


More Books about Minimalism

The next book on our list of best books about minimalism comes from the same pair of authors as the first one. When Joshua Fields found himself without his mother and his marriage, everything he knew suddenly didn’t make sense. 

Sometime we need things to fall apart so ewe can rebuild and start afresh 

Everything that remains is a book about him giving up on everything and instead walking on a completely unknown path. And also how changing his lifestyle allowed him to discover a life-changing way to live in this world. 

This is the story of him finding a lifestyle that allowed to put broken pieces together and start living a much more fulfilled life as a minimalist. This is one of the most inspirational books about minimalism that will motivate you to take on this lifestyle without hesitation. 

Buy Everything That Remains here


  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondō – one of the best known books About Minimalism

Oh my goodness this book was a runaway success story.

 Have you read it. If you have read any of these kind of books this will probably the one – it even spawned a netflix show of it’s own where Marie would go to someone’s very untidy house and give them great decluttering advice.

Decluttering is the best tactic to take on minimalism – the main reason for that is, minimalism is all about reducing the number of things you own and getting rid of unnecessary things. And Japanese consultant Marie Kondō has the perfect way to declutter.

If you are wondering where to start decluttering take a look at my post 

This is one of the books about minimalism that focuses on reducing the clutter in your house and making it tidier. This will allow you to get rid of useless stuff, organize your house correctly, and start the minimalism lifestyle properly. 

Does it spark joy? If not get rid now! ( this can go for people and ways of life not just stuff!) 

Books about minimalism

Books About Minimalism


So if you have always struggled with decluttering, this is one of the best books about minimalism that you need for sure. It will allow you to be more in control of the things you own and also how the mess affects your overall mindset. 

Buy the magic of tidying here


  • The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own by Joshua Becker

This is one of the books about minimalism that will allow you to understand the benefits of owning less things and knowing the beauty of minimalism. It is beautiful to keep things simple no matter how much we think stuff will make life better – it doesn’t. 

Books About Minimalism

Books About Minimalism


Author Joshua allows you to create a custom decluttering approach that suits the mess in your house. He also explains the reasons behind owning less and instead focusing on what you really need in life to survive. 

This is one of the best books about minimalism that will show you practical ways to welcome minimalism into your current lifestyle. Becoming a minimalist using this book becomes much more of a reality than a dream that you have. 

Buy the More of Less here


  • Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki – Profound books about minimalism

The author of this book has been living the most minimalistic life that a person could ever live. Fumio, like many other people, felt the need to let go of unnecessary things that he owned.

This is one of the books about minimalism where the author provides tips based on his personal experiences. Fumio talks about rules that can enable you to get rid of things easily and concentrate on living a much better life. 

He talks about the science behind minimalism and some proper ways to implement it. Fumio’s personal experience makes it easier for you to relate to him and imagine yourself in his shoes. 

Books About Minimalism

Books about minimalism

Buy Goodbye Things here


  • Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste by Bea Johnson

Books About Minimalism


When you have a family to take care of, it could be difficult to change your lifestyle and be minimalistic all of a sudden. A step by step approach is a good thing,

Bea shares suggestions that will allow you to have a “zero waste home”. It might sound like a far-fetched concept, but books about minimalism like this one make it possible for you to do as well. 

Bea talks about the process she used to declutter her life, and ultimately indulge in what truly makes them happy as a family. You can also use these practical tips given in this book to ensure that your house is free from unnecessary things as well. 

Is this something that you crave? If so this book can act as your guide.

Buy Zero Waste Home


Banish Clutter Forever

Banish Clutter Forever was one of the first books about minimalism that I ever read. i absolutely loved it and told everyone I know about the toothbrush principle and that everything need to have it’s place! 

So, I won’t spoil it by telling you about it but I will tell you this book could make a massive  difference to how easy and accessible you find bringing minimalism into your life. Sheila Chandra really does know her stuff plus this is a very easy read

Books About Minimalism

You can buy Banish Clutter Forever here


Conclusion – Books about minimalism

Though minimalism is something that attracts a lot of people’s attention, people are kind of scared to suddenly accept it in their lives. It can be difficult to let go of everything that you earned with hard work and focus on owning as little as possible.

Book about minimalism abound because this is one style craze/trend that is not going away.

We all know we need less clutter in our lives and that simple is beautiful in both a practical and emotional sense. The recent pandemic ha s bought this home to us, our hones and lifestyles matter and they need to be uncluttered and beautiful and easy to manage in every single sense.

Books about minimalism allow us to learn more about people who have already implemented this lifestyle. Seeing other people’s good experience, people gain confidence about being minimalistic as well. 


Books About Minimalism

Books About Minimalism

Books about minimalism

In this article, I have shared  some of the best books about minimalism. These books have helped a lot of people who are interested in knowing about minimalism and how it can be a part of their lifestyle, there are many more, but these n my opinion out rank the others. If you have any books about minimalism to share please drop me a comment.

Books about minimalism

Books About Minimalism


I hope that these Books about minimalism also enable you to understand minimalism and it’s various benefits in detail and make you feel sure and confident about your decision to be more minimalistic. I do hope you use some of these books about minimalism to fall in love with this amazing lifestyle as well! 


Over to you 

Do you have any books about minimalism to recommend to me i am always up for a new and inspiring read!


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