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The Eglu Eggcup

The Eglu Eggcup is pretty fabulous looking!

Eglu Eggcup

We have just been sent one of these fabulous toast rack/egg cups to reveiw and isn’t it just fabulous.


Eglu Eggcup breakfast set

The Eglu eggcup breakfast set is so cute. A mini version of an eglu and insulated just like eglu to keep your eggs warm. As well as the chicken coup which houses the egg there is a little salt and pepper chicken and a toast rack too. I absolutely love to see my kids eat egs, they are a low sounrce of fat and packed with protein and it makes such a great breakfast, or light lunch or tea or supper! You should always keep eggs in I think!

I think any child would love this fabulous egg cup it is cute, quirky and certainly very interesting and and it makes such a sweet gift idea.

My kids (as I expected) both want it at the same time so I think I am going to need another. I have to say I would rather like one for me too.  Why should the kids get all the best stuff!

Eglu Eggcup

I rather like it too!

From www.Omlet.co.uk £19.99 (which I know might sound a little egg-spensive but its gott a  lot of style!

What do you think of the Eglu Eggcup ?


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