Harry and Meghan’s most unusual engagement gift ..you will never guess!

Harry and Meghan’s most unusual engagement gift

Many engagement gifts are nice but forgettable. I’m thinking bunches of flowers, boxes of chocolates, the occasional tea set.



Some engagement gifts are WAY more out there than others and are absolutely memorable. Thinking outside the box really will make your present stand out and get noticed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must have received LOADS of engagement gifts and whilst they have probably appreciated them all some will have surprised them more than others.

They are both huge modern art lovers and have been treated to one super special engagement present: a portrait of the pair ‘cleaned’ out of a dirty carpet.


Harry and Meghan's most unusual engagement gift


What? I hear you cry..now that is a radical present!

The fabulous piece of art was commissioned by Carpet Stain Remover maker Dr Beckmann, the artwork has been created by artist Nathan Wyburn, who has previously depicted Mariah Carey out of glitter and Donald Trump out of tacos.

This really, really made me giggle.

The portrait is called ‘Love Cleans Up’ and it is huge!

Dr Beckmann spokesperson, Susan Fermor, said: “We recently launched a new curved brush for our Carpet Stain Remover product, so what better way to showcase its effectiveness than by creating our very own piece of carpet art.

The carpet art measures a massive 12ft x 16ft and involved the artist using the award-winning carpet stain remover to cut through coffee, wine, and mud stains to create the picture. Astoundingly the artwork was completed in just one day, and in order to complete it, Wyburn used three bottles of the Dr Beckmann product, which has been awarded Which? Magazine Best Buy four years in a row.

Have a little look at the video.

I think it is just absolutely ace… what an artist and what a stain remover.






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