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How to Erase Bad Memories: Science Backed Techniques that Work

Today – How to Erase Bad MemoriesHow to Erase Bad Memories

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How to Erase Bad Memories

Have you ever wanted to know how to erase bad memories?

From PTSD to phobias, bad memories can have a lot of effects on you and can influence the way you think and behave as well. All of us have memories that we’d rather forget, and quite frankly, that’s easier said than done. Thankfully, a few recent studies and theories have actually shown how it is possible for us to detach emotion from those bad memories, or block those memories from our consciousness.

But what are they and how exactly do they work? Keep reading to find out just that.


Stop the Brooding

If you have the tendency to brood over the unhappy moments of your life, one of the best ways to turn things around is just stop. The next time you catch yourself reminiscing the old days, stop yourself and replace your thoughts with the positive and happy moments of your life. Doing this forcibly every time will bring about a massive change and will help you feel less attached to your bad memories.


How to Erase Bad Memories by Getting in Control

One of the biggest mistakes most people tend to make when they’re trying to deal with bad memories is that they try to suppress and bottle up their emotions, which only makes it worse. Instead, stay in charge and get in control of the situation around you. Being in the victim mode and obsessing over the bad incidents and memories will only bring you down. Look for ways to make the best of what you have and empower yourself.

How to Erase Bad Memories:


How to Erase Bad Memories? Decide to Forget your bad memories

Remember the time when you weeks and months for that upcoming exam and scored really well? You spent a lot of time learning what you needed to, and yet, after a while, you just forgot the information altogether- as if you purposely decided to forget. Yes, that’s right. If you train your brain to forget certain experiences, it can.

Actively decide to let go and forget of the experiences that are ‘bad’ for you, and detach yourself from the emotions that come with it. Try to think of those memories from a third person perspective as opposed to imagining you experiencing it first hand.


How to Erase Bad Memories – Replace with Alternatives

Another great trick to erase the bad memories from your psyche is to replace them with positive memories. Most of our current habits stem from our older habits and beliefs, and if you feel there’s an unhealthy unhappy memory somewhere deep within you, look for the stark opposites of those memories. For instance, if you felt unloved during your childhood, remember the moments when you were loved by people around you when you grew older. Hold those positive emotions for as long as you can to really let them sink in.


Over to you

I hope these tips have helped you learn how to erase bad memories. Do you have any tips to share on how to erase bad memories? Do have a look at The Guardian for more ideas on erasing negative memories


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