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How to protect your garden from the sun

How to protect your garden from the sun

How to protect your garden from the sun – simple tips

Have you been wondering how to protect your garden from the sun


Getting in protector mode!

Gardening in a sunny yard can be a bit of a challenge. While full sun gardens are great for growing vegetables it can become a major issue in some gardening zones and during heatwaves. If you find yourself living in areas that receive a lot of sun and heat you will need to find a way to protect your garden from the sun. These simple tips can help.


Take advantage of the shade

Take advantage of any shade you do have in your yard when planning your garden. Whether it be from a fence, house, or a tree you can usually find a bit of shade in your yard for the more sensitive plants.

Opt for sun sails made of shade cloth to cover large areas of the garden. These simple to install sunshades are great for placing a seating area in your garden or just providing relief from the sun for your plants. Depending on how you place this shun shade you can give your plants several hours of shade without preventing them from getting enough sun for optimal growth.


Choose your plants wisely

Choose plants that love the sun to put in your sunny areas. This will take advantage of your harsh sun areas without putting undue stress on plants that are not as well suited to the sun and heat.


Use mulch to stop roots from overheating

Give your plants plenty of mulch to help keep the delicate root systems from overheating in the sun and to trap moisture in the soil for your plants. mulch can also help keep weeds at bay that will take much-needed water from your plants reducing their ability to withstand the sun.

Do not water the leaves of your plants in the morning. If watering in the morning be sure to avoid touching leaves to help prevent the water from helping the sun burn delicate leaves. Watering is best done at the end of the day allowing your plants plenty of time to drink up the water before the hot sun makes it evaporate.



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How to protect your garden from the sun


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