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How to use Marble in Home Decor

How to use Marble in home decor

How to use Marble in home decor, top tips for incorporating marble into your home design #marble #marbleinteriors #homedesign

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An ongoing trend – How to use Marble in home decor

Do you wonder how to use marble in home decor to it’s best effect? Marble has been a big trend over the last few years and the love of marble in interiors is still going strong

Ideal home predict the Luxe look is a key design trend saying…

Luxury materials such as brass, marble and velvet all mix beautifully together to create great decorative details.

Marble has always given a decadent and classic look – it makes me think of Greek art and architecture and I think if it as an expensive and quietly glamorous material.I knew it was back in fashion when my daughter asked for a marble phone case – she has her finger on the pulse does my 11 year old!
I have often pondered how to use marble in home decor.


How to use marble in the home

I once had marble kitchen laminate worktops and my current grey laminate worktops do need replacing. But, at the moment, my heart is set on having oak in my kitchen. My kitchen table (which I love) is oak and I am all about co-ordination!

I would like to introduce some marble into my interiors though, so I have been having a think about where it would work.

I have to say I have seen rather a lot of marble on fabric. Hmm, I’m not sure what I think really.  I have seen it work really well on lampshades but on bedding and curtains, I just don’t think it works. They are supposed to be all soft and comforting rather than ‘elegant’ and ‘smooth,’ do you know what I mean?

Marble wallpaper would look so effective in my lounge. I think it could work really well as a wall covering. I would just have a mural on the one wall against 3 other white plain walls. This way it would be a standout feature and not ‘too much.’ I think this would look great against my dark wooden floor. It would add a sense of texture and luxury without being overbearing. The wall mural featured is from Wallsauce. The murals are made to measure and they are straightforward to install as they come in easy panels. Reviews rave about the quality of these murals and I do think it sounds a quick and easy way to transform a room. Wallpaper is definately one of the best ways to use marble in your home decor




Cosying up the marble look

Marble can, of course, makes a lovely fireplace or coffee table. Perhaps, when my children are grown this hard cool stone would be for us but not really for now.  If I did use marble in hard furnishings I would offset these textures and fabrics. Maybe withwith faux fur sheepskin rugs and woollen throws to soften up the look. I would use textures  of grey and white to create a cool but cosy vibe.

Accessorising with marble can work really well too. I am thinking of marble vases filled with pretty blooms, marble candle holders, marble coaster holding steaming mugs of hot choc – these would all work so well.


Marble, well balanced with softer textures, can be a sophisticated and rather lovely addition to a home.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on how to use Marble in home decor
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