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Introducing more light into our home

 Introducing more light into our home
Lack of light
My home is a bit gloomy just because of where it is situated and the trees outside and the fact it is overlooked and not open plan.
Lack of light makes me sad.
I love the sunshine, being outdoors, white, bright and light spaces.
I need to tackle this lack of light in my home. I know it will increase my happiness and love for my home.


Introducing more light into our home
I have been trying to address the light problems in our home for a while.  To combat this in the past I have had the whole house painted white and this absolutely helped.I keep the windows sparkly clean to let in as much natural light as possible, I have high watt light bulbs too and I have predominately wooden floors.
Stil it can feel gloomy.
Especially when you first enter the house.
To tackle this I am going to have a big mirror put back in our hallway. We have already had one put into the lounge which you can see above and this has helped a great deal.
I have good lighting over my desk but I need to invest in more good lighting around our home.


 Over at Lights.co.uk, there is a gorgeous array of lights, lighting and lamps and they have loads of advice too about how lighting can really enhance your interiors. I need to have a good read and think and invest in a few key pieces to really light up my home.
I am rather loving this unfussy but super stylish chrome plated pendant light.
Isn’t it just beautifully minimalistic and I think it would be lovely in our hallway rather than the heavy sailor lamp we currently have that gives off such little light.
I also rather love this minimalistic Danua arc lamp which would work perfectly in creating a well-lit reading nook, without dominating the space.


 So yes lots to think about and lots more I can do.
Part of me wants to splurge and get rid of the conservatory and do a big kitchen extension but I think that is just a pipe dream at the moment.

How do you get more light into your home? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas too.


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