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Quick and Easy Vinyl Flooring

Quick and easy vinyl flooring – let’s take a look.

The average business professional is a constant force of work in the office and even at home. In fact, a large percentage of us now work more from home than ever before.

So the highlight is that a lot of people don’t find the time to consider options available to make their home a much better environment for working or hosting meetings. This is where a quick, easy, reliable and cheap option may be of play in the option of luxury vinyl flooring.


Quick and easy vinyl flooring

Here are some benefits of quick and easy vinyl flooring


quick and easy vinyl flooring


Quick Install for Quick and easy vinyl flooring

Try quick AND easy.

Vinyl flooring is a very simple process of choosing glue down tiles or click together planks to layer your room and you don’t need to be waiting on a professional to install. If you are a DIY nerd or fancy the chances of creating your own floor then, literally, the floor is yours to do so.

Uninstalling is also an easy process where individual sections can be removed without upsetting the floor. You even have the option of having them cut to size so that its a perfect fit just like a grand jigsaw for your Sunday afternoon.

Quick and easy vinyl flooring

Quick Clean

Here’s where your main point of concern lies.

Cleaning a floor, especially for spillages of drink or food, can be a chore and disrupt a long portion of time if acted on straight away. So with vinyl it’s a relief that it can be cleaned within seconds with a sponge, water, a wipe or mop to instantly clean your floor back to how it looked before the incident.

No embarrassing stains to be covered over. No being on your hands and knees scrubbing for hours. No need for a collection of chemical cleaning products.

It’s as simple as wipe and clean and your floor looks new in seconds. No seeping through the floor to the underfloor due to moisture resistance and no discoloration from chemical use. This leaves your floor with its original finish and bristling with energy.


Quick and easy vinyl flooring

Easy Maintenance

Attending scratches and scuffs in vinyl flooring is a simple enough measure, providing you ever need to in the first place.

First off, vinyl has levels of durability for most situations that would usually require a lot of attention spent to correct. Cushion like material ensures a better bounce from any dropages whilst anti scratch and stain properties mean you have a higher percentage of damage not occurring to your floor.

Replacement of any section that has incurred damage is a simple and cheap method of replacing flooring opposed to fixing wood, stone or ceramics that would be damaged and more costly to replace in time and finance.


Experts on Hand

With you having so little time to browse the vast array of vinyl floor selections available, there are experts who can hone in on your specific lifestyle choice and help find the right volume for your home.

Leading brand Amtico have prided themselves on providing professional and practical flooring options when it comes to vinyl with selections such as Sienna Oak and Dry Cedar among its vast selections.

Luvanto, a popular and leading provider also brings vast experience and style to the table as well as selections such as Misty Elm and Washed Concrete among an eclectic array of tastes and palettes.

Invictus gives you value for money on flooring that looks like it should cost thousands! It’s designed to work with a quick or lively lifestyle, whether you’re a homebody with pets or social butterfly, your flooring remains protected and your guests remain impressed.

With the hectic lifestyle in and out of the home and the requirement to have long lasting and durable flooring throughout the home, you can’t get a much better option than luxury vinyl flooring to look after your home whilst you look after the lifestyle.

Quick and easy vinyl flooring



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