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Scenic Holidays for the Adventurous Solo Traveler

Today – Scenic Holidays for the Adventurous Solo Traveler

Solo traveling has become a trend lately. A lot of people, regardless of their age, would now prefer to embark on an exciting adventure on their own. It gives them a chance to relax and enjoy their destination without having to think about anyone else other than their selves.


Scenic Holidays for the Adventurous Solo Traveler

If you are thinking of going on an adventure on your own but you’re not sure where to go, check out our list of scenic holidays for the adventurous solo traveler.


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New Zealand

Aside from its breathtaking sceneries, New Zealand is also a perfect destination for thrill-seeking solo travelers. For instance, you can go bungee jumping at Lake Taupo and Sky Tower in Auckland. If you prefer the higher altitude, jump off a plane in Queenstown and free fall for a minute. This is a great opportunity to witness New Zealand’s incredible landscapes from up above.

You’ll also have plenty of options when it comes to watersports activities in New Zealand. Here, you can go canyoning, jet boating or riding the rapids. Avid divers should check out the famous diving spots in the country, such as the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve.



France is perfect for the Adventurous Solo Traveler

For a perfect winter holiday in France, a visit to the French Alps is a must. The country offers an extensive array of activities that a solo traveler can enjoy. Explore it by foot using a special pair of shoes that are designed for walking in the slippery snow. This is an exciting way to take in the beauty of the French Alps at your own pace.

For solo travelers who are craving for an adrenaline rush, you should try ice climbing, Tyrolean zip wire, and husky dog sledding. Be sure to put on your safety gear before you embark on these heart-pumping winter holiday activities! For sledding with the huskies, you will be taught how to give commands to your huskies and drive the sled. How fun is that?


Adventurous Solo Traveler




Mexico is famous for its sandy beaches, margaritas and getting that perfect summer tan. One of the places that solo travelers should visit in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta. It has a happy vibe, so even if you’re on your own, you are guaranteed to have a great time in this city. This is the perfect spot to socialize and meet like-minded travelers. 

Another activity that solo travelers should experience in Mexico is to go on a sunset cruise along the Banderas Bay. This will also give you an opportunity to witness the “Rhythms Of The Night” show in an open auditorium. It’s a spectacular show that tells the stories of ancient Hispanic civilization through music and dancing.


Adventurous Solo Traveler




If visiting the Taj Mahal has been on your bucket list for so long, then why don’t you go visit India on your own? But aside from this beautiful monument, a solo holiday in central India has plenty of luxuriousness to offer for those seeking relaxing as well as those adventurous solo travelers. 

The country has plenty of National Parks where you can go on a safari and enjoy a close-up encounter with the tigers. When it comes to this, the Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh is highly recommended. This wildlife sanctuary is home to more than 50 tigers and you can find them roaming freely all over the park!




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