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Top 10 Best TED Talks on Kindness

TED Talks on Kindness by Charlotte Blatherwick

In today’s blog I have for you some incredible and inspiring TED Talks on kindness. Kindness and humanity are ever-important values in our society and through TED you can hear from some awesome speakers about just how valuable and impactful kindness can be.


TED Talks on Kindness

TED Talks on Kindness


TED Talks on Kindness are inspiring

Whilst people often get caught up in their own lives and struggles, these TED Talks can remind us how through being a compassionate and kind person, you can change somebody elses life for the better. We often forget the magic of kindness and our own power in the world.


TED Talks on Kindness


10 TED Talks on kindness to open your mind

I hope these 10 TED Talks on kindness open your mind up to the infinite ways humans can help each other and better the world I believe it is so important to keep sharing what we now and inspire each other – hence my love of a great TED talk and what is better than inspiring each other to be kinder? Please do share this post of TED talks on kindess so you can sinspire and share the love too. 



How to Raise Kind Children – TED Talks on Kindness



In this rousing talk Becky Goddard-Hill (me!) shares personal stories and lessons from her therapy practice about the power of kindness.

She looks at the benefits of self kindness and the trans formative power of kindness to wards others. She focuses on kindness as a strength and shows how being kind is big boost to a child’s mental  health.

She describes how ‘ we all rise with kindness’ and  how it is a route to healing and joy and connection. You can watch her talk here



Compassion and the True meaning of Empathy  – TED Talks on Kindness



In this incredible talk from Buddhist roshi Joan Halifax, the nature of compassion and its unbelievable benefits are explored.

She shares how through working with people in hospice she’s learned the incredible power of kindness to transform suffering but also that there should be no conditions for compassion and that you should be empathetic for the sake of comforting people, even if you can’t save them.

Joan also shares the incredible values that come with being a compassionate person, for example, resilience, and unbelievably an enhanced immune system. Ultimately she preaches for a more caring world where we train our children and our leaders in how to be kind.


Expanding Your Circle of Compassion – TED Talks on Kindness



In his eye-opening and oftentimes humorous talk, Robert Thurman teaches the importance of offering compassion even to your enemies, not just those who you love. Through an incredible Buddhist myth and a meditation exercise in which you think of yourself as a relative to every being on earth, he shows how we can also expand our circle of compassion. TED Talks on Kindness inspire us to connect.


Self compassion for the self critical  – TED Talks on Kindness



An important talk for those who are too hard on themselves.

Susan David teaches how important it is to show yourself kindness, especially during stressful times, and especially during a global pandemic!

She asks us to forget what we know about being hard on yourself to achieve success and instead forgive ourselves for our imperfections to move past them and become more resilient – an idea which also applies to the kind of comparison we expose ourselves to on social media. Be kind to yourself, not critical. TED Talks on Kindness inspire self-kindness too.


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In an inspiring story of his time between Holocaust camps, Werner Reich shows the life-changing impact of kindness. When a man in the bunk next to him in Auschwitz taught him a card trick, Werner was inspired, he became hopeful, and he found a small pocket of happiness within the horrors that he had to endure.

As his parting wisdom he says “if you ever know somebody who needs help, if you know somebody who is scared, be kind to them” “Whatever you are going to do, it’s going to be hope for them. And if you do it at the right time, it will enter their heart, and it will be with them wherever they go, forever.”

TED Talks on Kindness focus on the POWER of kindness.


The value of kindness at work  – TED Talks on Kindness


In this refreshing talk, James Rhee talks about how kindness can be incorporated into the world of business through ‘goodwill’ and CEOs’ willingness to prioritise compassion in the work place.

As well as this he proves through his own experiences the transformative power of kindness and how it helped his company back from bankruptcy. He also shows how it is by being taught kindness at a young age that he has learnt to centre it in his life, and thus aimed for it in his entrepreneurial endeavours.


TED Talks on Kindness – How to let altruism be your guide




In his TED Talk Matthieu Ricard talks about how through focussing on kindness we can better make difficult decisions in all aspects of our life. He also explores how in being led by altruism humans will behave with more compassion and understanding when it comes to issues such as climate change and inequality, through considering the happiness of others in your decisions our entire society and planet can become a more equal and healthy place.

 Reconnecting with Compassion – TED Talks on Kindness


Krista Tippett aims to provide a “linguistic resurrection” of the word compassion. She aims to show how compassion is innate in every culture and person and why it needs reintroducing into our lives as something we can act out in our day to day lives. It’s an inspiring talk that reminds us just how accessible compassion is, it can be as easy as being ‘present’. As society starts to forget this we need to try harder to ‘reconnect with compassion’.


Why I Have Coffee with People who Send Me Hate Mail – Unusual TED Talks on Kindness



In an incredibly inspiring talk from Özlem Cekic, the first Muslim woman to win a seat in the danish parliament, she explains how through meeting with and talking to the people who send her hate she has come to understand how everybody needs to leave hate and prejudices behind. She teaches that leading with kindness towards those who we disagree with can build bridges and reintroduce conversation, a central part to our democracy and understanding of each other.

TED Talks on Kindness smash show how kindness can smash down barriers



On humanity  – TED Talks on Kindness

Through a collection of stories, stories of people being human, Chris Abani teaches ‘ubuntu’: that “the only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back at me”. In an incredibly hardhitting talk filled with examples of compassion in even the hardest of times Abani truly encapsulates how much of a virtue kindness is.

How its the one thing to make his mother cry, the one thing to soften the hearts of the hardened criminals on death row, and the thing which has proven itself time and time again to be our most important power, the thing that makes ‘humanity’ human.


I hope you enjoy these incredible and eye-opening TED Talks on kindness, and that they inspire you to go about your life looking for ways you yourself can be kind, but also how you can encourage others to pick up that mantle and spread kindness and compassion even further.


Thanks for reading the top 10 TED Talks on kindness!


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