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Ways parents can help their children with writing essays

Developing writing skills takes time. The classroom settings are not enough to make one an essay writer. It requires much practice to become a better writer. Parents need to ensure the child practices writing at home as well. Here are some ways parents can teach their children to write essays.



Refresh on basic writing skills

If you are thinking about how to teach children to write, start with the basic rules. Explain to them the basics of writing. Next, you can begin with the rules of grammar. Don’t overburden them with the tenses, but gently teach them to write grammatically correct sentences. One way to do this is to give them a quick review of the tenses. You can then tell your child the common mistakes people make with tenses. For instance, there is a common mistake of mixing present and past tenses in the same paragraph. The concept of using active and passive voice appropriately should also be clear.

Teach your kids these tips at the right age. Don’t start lecturing the child, or he might develop a writing fear. Although your child must write without any fears, it should be error-free. There is no point in making the same kind of mistakes all the time. Instead, correct your child wherever they are going wrong. It will guide him to write in a clear, better way. Never scold your child; instead, be patient when dealing with mistakes.

The fundamentals of writing are the foundation stone of creating a compelling essay. Take as much time as you like to ensure your child knows every bit of detail about tenses, grammar, and sentence structures. If your child has been assigned a topic and the deadline is too short, you can always hire reliable essay writing services to do the job for you. You can specifically search for a website where professional writers can deliver quality essays even within the hour.


Show them how to write an outline

In the early practice sessions, give instructions on how to construct sentences. Then, tell your child to make paragraphs, and do research work regarding your essay. Apart from this, tell your child how to develop an outline. Many children feel shy to express themselves through the written word. They are not comfortable composing their thoughts and transferring them on paper. To help your child write, ask them to develop a rough outline before they sit down to write an essay.

Creating an outline allows them to be focused and clear about writing. It sets the purpose of your essay and helps compose thoughts. The outline is the master plan of your essay. Drafting an outline is the best way to build a logical context for the essay. Keep in mind that the essay comprises three main parts: An introduction, body, and conclusion. Communicate this to the child and ask him to write down points accordingly. Teach your child that the main body paragraphs incorporate information, present arguments, and provide food for thought. The introductory note contains the thesis statement, clear, concise, and to the point. The conclusion should present a summary of all important points. It is the gist of the article, and it should be engaging.


Try Different Materials

Wondering how to help kids with writing an essay? Give them different materials to encourage them to write. You can create a conducive environment for writing. Ask your child to choose their favorite spot where they would be more productive. Please provide them with sticky notes to jot down important points while brainstorming ideas about the topic.

If your child has trouble writing an essay independently, buy pre written essay samples that professional writers write. Then, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the essay and its timely delivery. Reliable essay writing companies have an expert team of writers, researchers, and editors who ensure the essay is of top-notch quality.


Encourage your kids to practice writing

Looking for ways to improve writing skills for kids? Ask them to practice writing as much as they can. Please give them a notebook to carry at all times. It will help them to note down anything they observe. It will allow them to put their thoughts into words. Giving them a chance to write what they feel will help to start writing.

Have practicing sessions with your kid. To develop writing skills in a child, ask them to keep writing on any topic they like. The more they write, the better their writing skills will be. Initially, suggest topics that are of interest to them. Here are some tips and tricks to encourage your child to write:

  • Give your child a topic to write on;
  • Ask them to write as they wish;
  • Tell them to stick to the 5-paragraph essay structure;
  • Develop an outline first;
  • Write a compelling introduction and concluding note;
  • Proofread and edit the essay in the end.

When you ask your child to follow all the above steps, your child will be able to write exceptional essays in no time. You can also keep a time check to encourage your child to write an essay quickly.


Ways parents can help their children with writing essays


Use technology to help your child

To improve kids’ writing, take the help of technology. There are different apps available that enhance your child’s ability to write. Pinterest is one such tool that allows you to pin ideas onto different boards. You can identify different sources and topics and pin them to a board on Pinterest.

Technology is one of the most effective tools in providing essay writing help for kids. Grammarly is also one such app that corrects mistakes and spelling errors before your child submits the essay to the professor. It is wise to let the content run through Grammarly as it suggests better sentences error-free work. It also trains your child to become a better writer. The suggestions Grammarly makes help to improve writing skills.


Serve as a proofreader and editor

In the end, when your child has written the essay, act as a critic of his work. Read the essay as an editor and find out mistakes. Then, guide your child to write an essay that has no mistakes. You should also check the essay for plagiarism and other issues. Teach your child the hazards of plagiarism and ask them to refrain from it at all times.

These are some of the ways parents can teach their children to write. Engage your child in healthy activities. Encourage reading as it helps build vocabulary. Ask your child to occasionally express his thoughts on a piece of paper. Gradually, your child will learn how to write an exceptional essay.


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