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10 of the Best Vegetarian Soup Ideas

Scrumptious soups

I have 10 of the Best Vegetarian Soup Ideas for you here today. How sdelicous!

Ah, cold days a have snuck in whilst we weren’t looking and suddenly the jumpers are out and the big olde debate ith turning the heating on begins. My mind wanders towards soup at this time every year. I want my home filled with the warm aromas, I want a warm belly  and I just want something tasty and delicious which is also healthy. It is time to make soup!

I have some lovely recipes for you here and if you have a go at any of them please do pop back and let me know how you got on. Also if you have any of your own recipes do pop them in the comments below. I am all about soup sharing!

Get ready to start licking your lips!  These a have been provided  ( with permission ) from some of the UK’s best and brightest bloggers. I think you will agree they are just the most lovely range of warming vegetarian soups ideas


Parsnip and apple soup

Vegetarian Soup Ideas



Sweet Potato and Kale soup


Pea and sweetcorn soup


Double soup of red and yellow peppers


6 Vegetable soup


Vegetable soup


Butternut squash and sweet potato soup

Halloween Spooky Soup

Rocket and spring onion soup



Celeraic and potato soup


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