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How to Create a Minimalist Bedroom

How to create a minimalist bedroom lets take a look today at some top tips. 


How to create a minimalist bedroom

 I love a clean and minimalist look in my bedroom.

I like it throughout my whole home actually. However, in a small space where we both work from home and have two teenagers (also currently studying from home) this is not easy to achieve. My home is currently cluttered and busy and I guess that is to be expected.

But we all need one room, don’t we, that soothes our souls. For me that is my bedroom.  My bedroom is a scared space and one I ensure stays tidy and serene.


How to create a minimalist bedroom

How to create a minimalist bedroom


Why I like a minimalist design when I create minimalist bedroom

Minimalism works for me as interiors trend in my bedroom because it is a simple, stylish, uncluttered look that is soothing to the spirit. It is like stepping into serenity when you step into a minimalist aesthetic and it is perfect in a bedroom.


minimalist bedroom

How to create a minimalist bedroom

There are some absolute basics to creating  a minimalist bedroom and they are surprisingly easy to achieve. Why don’t you have a go woth this design i think you will find it deeply realxing to sleep in an environemnt tlike this and once created it is juts so very easy to c keep clean and tidty.

Here are my top tips for you if this is something you want to create in your own home.



A calm /tonal colour scheme

I am a big fan of white bedrooms, they just look so clean and fresh. I use white a lot in our bedroom from the walls to the voiles at the window and often in our bedding too. But minimalism can handle colours; greys and taupes, soft rosy pinks even browns can work in a minimalist scheme. Even the new Dulux colour of the year brave ground would work in a minimalist scheme. 

Do you like a calm and tonal bedroom or is c bold and bright bedroom decor more your thing?

For me it is all about fluidity of colors and harmony – with pattern and boldness kept at an absolute minimum this brings me a sense of serenity and peace that I crave after a buzzy biuzzy day of chart and people and words and colours


minimalist bedroom

How to create a minimalist bedroom


Lack of clutter is how to create a minimalist bedroom

 Bedrooms need to be  place to relax  and ‘stuff’ should be kept to a minimum. You will of course want your glasses, a glass of water, possibly lamps and books in there – but try as far as possible to keep your surfaces as clear and uncluttered as possible to achieve the minimalist vibe. 

 After you have had that first, crucial, extensive declutter the things you need things to have and maintain a clutter free bedroom include:

  1. Good storage 
  2. Good habits

Get some great under bed storage and a bedside cabinet so you can get things out of sight. Plus, get used to taking things out of the bedroom each time you go and making your bed each and every morning and putting your clothes out of sight.

What might seem like a faff at first will soon become a habit and will go a long way to helping you to create a minimalist bedroom you adore.


How to create a minimalist bedroom

How to create a minimalist bedroom



How to create a minimalist bedroom – Use the best quality bedding

 To create a really stylish minimalist bedroom the quality of your bedding is key. The Fine Bedding Company sell stunning bedding sets that will both look and feel amazing. If you want to feel super comfy and tucked in at night in your beautiful bedroom then do not miss their  Goose Feather & Down Duvet A great duvet makes all the diffidence to a wonderful nights sleep.

They also sell a truly minimal duvet that is coverless,  home washable and quick drying. The  Night Owl Duvet  stops you wrestling with bed sheets and provides a seamless appearance and look which will really work in your minimalist bedroom. 


How to create a minimalist bedroom

How to create a minimalist bedroom


A minimalist bedroom is just as much about how it feels as it is how it looks. So scented candles an a few lush green plants, lots of fresh air and the best linen is going to make it very special.


How to create a minimalist bedroom – plan, tidy, maintain and keep your eye on that clutter folks! 

How to create a minimalist bedroom is a collaborative post 

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