How to make travelling in a car with kids fun

Today – How to make travelling in a car with kids fun

How to make travelling in a car with kids fun

Potential Pitfalls

Travelling with kids – the very thought of it can make us sigh, can’t it.

Potential pitfalls include sticky fingers in your car, whines about how long there is left to travel, endless toilet breaks, backseat arguments and constant complaints about the choice of music. Aggh it is enough to make you just want to stay at home, isn’t it?

No matter how much we love spending time with our kids the thought of being cooped up with them in a car is not a pleasing one. So how do we make travelling with kids in a car a happy experience?


Here are 6 top tips to make travelling in a car with kids fun (or at least a bit less annoying)



Make sure you have a comfortable and reliable car. Ford Motor Company have an excellent reputation in car reliability and comfort and no one wants there car breaking down with kids in do they!



Making sure your oil /water/petrol/lights are all oka before heading off will also ensure unnecessary problems are avoided on your journey – no one needs these when they have kids in the car. i would also suggest a sick bag, wipes and a change of clothes (just in case of emergencies.)


A Backup plan

If you do have any need for spare parts for your Ford car has everything you could possibly need.



A few snacks and drink in the car can avoid unnecessary stops which are often time-consuming and can lead to more problems than they solve. Hungry and thirsty kids are never much fun either so snacks really can save the day.


Planning your travel time

My advice would be try and avoid rush hor so there is no sitting in long queues. Do always try and travel AFTER your kids have had a bit of exercise and a big dose of fresh air so their energy is depleted.



Kids will often get bored and agitated without entertainment. movies audiobooks, music and a willingness to play a few silly games all make travelling with kids so much easier.


I hope you have found this post on how to make travelling in a car with kids fun useful. You might also like my post on how to encourage sibling love


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