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Men’s fashion trends in 2020

Today – Men’s fashion trends in 2020

A new year always brings new fashion so let’s take a peek at men’s fashion trends in 2020

Men's fashion trends in 2020

Men’s fashion trends in 2020

There are some interesting trends this year! Let’s have a good look at what is hot this year – some of them are fabulous but some of them? Well, I will let you decide what you think for yourself. Here we go.

Cross body bags are cool in 2020

Oh side bags or cross body bags for men are just so practically they stop keys and wallets and phones ruining the trouser line and they look so super stylish These Fred Perry bags are just gorgeous – a classic brand, updated

Eco-fashion is hot in men’s fashion trends in 2020 (even in pants!)

Let me introduce you to  KJ Beckett here they are a high-quality clothing and accessory brand selling website. The Obviously mens underwear is super stylish and embraces the stripes so current in men’s fashion this season (and always!) Comfort is always a plus in underwear and a key feature of the  TheObviously brand which uses environmentally friendly renewable materials, resulting in a stretchy fabric that forms to the contours of a mans body with ease. They also have anatomical pouches sewn into their underwear for added comfort.

Sheer shirts – Hot fashion trends in 2020

Sheer shirts and jackets are certainly not something you see your day to day man wearing but they are considered the height of fashion this year. I may well giggle though if I walk down the street and see a man wearing one! Apparently sating is also a thing in 202! and wearing your boxer shorts as shorts but I am really not sure about that one

Bowling shirts are key to men’s fashion trends in 2020

Bowling shirts are fun! and a great trend to add a bit of pzazz to male fashion in 2020 They don’t just have to be worn for bowling and look all kinds of awesome with a cool pair of jeans and trainers.

Over the knee shorts – top trends in men’s fashion this year

Apparently over the knee shorts are also big fashion news in 2020 – I have to say personally I always think these make men look like little boys but I guess it isn’t me that is wearing them!


So what do you think of these Men’s fashion trends in 2020 – are these the kind of items you would wear? I am all for the shorts and bowling shirts and bags but sheer shirts? hmm not for me I don’t think


More for fashion lovers in 2020!

Men’s fashion trends in 2020 is a collaborative post you might also like my post on fashion trends to watch this year

Are you into fashion? Do you care what is hot right now. Do drop me a line I do love to hear from you



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