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How to make your home perfect – 10 simple steps

How to make your home perfect

How to make your home perfect


How to make your home perfect

Look no further than my ten top simple tips.

  • Go through each room with 2 bin liners. In one put everything you want to giveaway/donate and in the other everything you want to recycle/throw away. Be ruthless with this.
  • As you go through each room anything in the wrong place needs to be put immediately in its rightful place. Do one room at a time and keep going until your rooms only hold everything that is beautiful or useful and entirely in their right place.

How to make your home perfect

  • Now take both bin liners (or more if there are more and immediately get them out your house – to the charity shop/skip/recycling centre.
  • Once you have done this go back through each room with a camera in your hand. Look through the lens and take snap shots. Does it look like you want it to look?  Are your bay window curtains the right length, are your cushions plump and clean, is your duvet to your taste, are your lamps dust free? Note everything you need to do to make your home right until you have a giant to-do list.
  •  Now sit with your calendar and put your jobs to do on to it, spread out over the month if necessary, but with a dedicated and committed time to tackling each.
  • Write yourself a to buy list too and budget this out. Will you get half of what you need this month and half the next? Have a clear shopping plan and budget and make this commitment to your home. Candles, air fresheners, new towels, a new welcome mat really can all make a huge difference to your home.
  • Clean your home, now you have minimised your possessions this should be easier. Do one big deep clean then draw up a schedule for a daily weekly clean that is manageable to keep your home lovely.
  • Repeat your declutter actioning every night – it should take mere moments and will keep your home filled only with that you use and love. Make this a happy ritual that keeps your home lovely and in order. That is how to make your home perfect 
  • Now action that shopping and to do list and stick to the plan you have made. You will soon have the perfect space for you.
  • Buy yourself a lovely bunch of flowers once a week to thank your home for being your perfect space.

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how to make your home perfect

How to make your home perfect


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I would love to hear you thoughts on how to make your home perfect? Do you follow the trends or do you have your own styles and ideas?


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