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5 Secret Instagram Growth Tips No-One Tells You

Secret Instagram growth tips no-one tells you


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Instagram Growth Tips

Instagram has lately become a huge source of visibility for every brand and every blogger out there is looking out to connect more on ‘gram.

You may have read a lot about Instagram’s weird algorithm and that it’s really time-consuming to be online on ‘gram. However, let me assure you that all your time will be worth it when you’ll see the spike in your analytics and growth in your numbers.

There’s no such secret heck to kill your Instagram game but there indeed are some tips and tricks that will make you stand out amongst your audience. I won’t give you any bluff suggestion or assurance that you’re going to reach your next 10k in a fortnight, because that simply doesn’t happen. Instagram demands work, smart work to win its algorithm game and I’m going to show you exactly the same in this piece.

Let’s dive into some amazing Instagram Growth Tips that no one tells you about:


  1.   Optimize your BIO

Your Instagram bio defines you and your business hence you need to make sure that you’re having it done perfectly well. Instagram offers 300 characters space to utilize for a bio so use it wisely.

When people land to your profile, the first thing they notice is your description. I would highly suggest making it sweet and short with some eye-grabbing emoji.


  1.   Find perfect hashtags – easy Instagram growth tips

It’s okay to spend more time finding the hashtags that work. You can also look out for your competitor’s account to check which hashtags they’re using (do not copy them all).

Make two sets of 30 hashtags each and find some less popular ones. Use these hashtags alternatively and make sure to keep checking your stats to see how much hashtags are contributing to your overall growth.


  1.   Use Instagram stories

I’m a huge fan of Insta stories as it’s the easiest way to grow your account. You cannot always be putting out a lot more content on your feed, but you surely can do that on Instagram stories. Furthermore, you can also share others’ content and open up opportunities for future collaboration.


  1.   Instagram growth tips – Be consistent

I know, life gets hard and we get super busy at times but if you’re seriously looking for growing your Instagram, you need to be consistent while posting.

Instagram’s algorithm favors active accounts over the inactive ones. I recommend posting at least once per day to keep your audience engaged.


instagram growth tips

  1.   Don’t give up

I have seen so many potential bloggers who give up on Instagram pretty too soon just because they compare their journey with someone who already has 100k followers.

We always forget that these people too started from 0 and are now at 100k. Rather than taking this as an inspiration, we beat ourselves up and give up on our account.

It really is pretty easy to grow once you reach the 10k mark but till then you seriously have to put up the work and keep showing. You never know which next post might go viral.


The bottom line on  Instagram Growth Tips

Instagram has a huge potential to increase your brand visibility and redirect your audience to your blog. The only thing is, have a strategic plan while planning out your content and follow these tips. You are all ready to slay your ‘gram game.

I would be happy to know your views on Instagram growth tips, do mention them in the comments below.


Instagram Growth Tips


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