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PR School: Your time to shine

Today – PR School: Your time to shine


PR School: Your time to shine


Why I need PR School: Your Time to Shine

I have followed Natalie Trice on Facebook for quite some time and always love her positivity and PR know-how. I was extremely excited to get my hands on her new book PR School: Your time to Shine  and give it a little review.

I have a new book coming out next week (Be Happy Be You – a teenage guide to happiness)  and, as always, I feel a little nervous about the launch. Will anyone be interested, will it looks a bit showy -offy if I do too much self-promotion, how do we get people interested? Agggh, I have so many of these thoughts running around my head.

Natalie’s book landed on my doormat at JUST the right time.


PR School: Your time to shine


What does PR School: Your time to shine do?

Well, in a nutshell, I would say it does 2 essential things:

1) It demystifies PR (something I really needed) Natalie makes it all sound immensely do -able and within reach which is so helpful to a small business or brand or people like me trying to get projects off the ground.

2) It gives you confidence – and a sense that it is okay to shine your light. In fact, it offers permission and encouragement to do so.

It’s a great book, full of useful information, insider tips and a really positive attitude. I feel revitalised and encouraged after reading it.

Comprising a comprehensive resource list, templates, tips and much, much more this book is a treasure trove of helpful PR tips

Great job Natalie. I feel you are alongside coaching me in this.


About Natalie Trice

Natalie Trice has more than 20 years of working in the PR industry and now runs her own very successful agency securing her client’s awesome coverage. She is a voice to be trusted when it comes to PR.



I hope you have found my review of PR School: Your time to shine, to be useful and I will leave you with this nugget from Natalie.

PR is about shutting down the voices that tell you not to shout about your successes and going out there and sharing your story anyway. It’s about making your visions and dreams come to life by taking o the offers that start to come our way because of the work you have put in.

You can order PR School Your time to shine from Amazon and do pop over to the PR School website for lots more PR  insights!


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PR School was gifted for the purpose of review – all thoughts and opinions are, as always, entirely my own.

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