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Simple ways to overcome frustration

Simple ways to overcome frustration

Simple ways to overcome frustration – 5 top tips

Are you looking for simple ways to overcome frustration? If you are then I have a some great tips for you here today that I am sure will be useful in your quest to reduce any frustration angst you mihgt be experiencing.

Whether you’re stuck, working on a project or are unable to handle a difficult situation- frustration can affect you at any point of time in your life. I know it often gets a grip on me!  I get frustreted most by lack of time  and my eating habits – I know it’s different tfor all of is but I do think my frustration are actually very common.

But before you go ahead and give in and say ‘I quit,’ here’s something to help you out! You don’t need to feel at the mercy of frustration there is a lot you can do about it – our inner world is largely under our own control and direction.

Read on to discover 5 simple ways overcome frustration and start feeling more positive and optimistic straight away.


Shift Your Attention

One of the simplest ways to deal with frustration is to shift your attention and distract yourself. This can obviously bring about temporary relief, but if you do it the right way, you can also be much more calm and composed for a longer time. The next time you’re feeling frustrated, look at the bigger picture and ask yourself- is this really worth worrying about?

So what could you distract yourself with? Make it something euither relaxing or enegising so that you feel really good. My favourtie distractions are a great rom/com, a llong walk listenign to a podcast or  a soak in a hot bath with some music on. Or cooking..that salways helps too. Make yourself a list of what might work for you.



Describe in One Sentence

Another super effective way to overcome your frustration almost instantly is to describe it to yourself in one sentence. This will help you simplify the problem, and suddenly, it won’t be that massive sized problem anymore. This is a powerful technique to put things into perspective, and can be really effective for those who tend to have crippling anxiety and stress, and for those who tend to overthink things. I absolutely love this idea. With all things simplicuty is the key to coping, whether you are talking about reationships, finances or managing your home or timetables, Keep it simple. This one sentance hack work sos well. Do give it a try.


Clear Your Mind

When you’re frustrated, your mind tends to be more clouded with anxious and worrisome thoughts, and once you get on that train, it becomes really difficult to get off. It’s a bit like Facebpook and Netflix in that respect! Try to clear your mind by practising deep breathing or meditation or even just being mindful for a moment. Allow yourself to just let go of that which is getting on your nerves without letting it overwhelm you.

How do you do this, well you could try typical breathing exercises or colouring, you could try walking aimlessly in a forest soaking uyp the atmospher, you could try simply repeating affirmations….the aim is to clear yourind and help yourslef find peace form all furtur anxiety and past worries.


Keep an Accomplishments Diary

From time to time, it is important for you to remember and take note of your wins and celebrate your success too, especially if you tend to beat yourself up too hard over your setbacks. We so often only focus on the negatives of our current situation, issues form the past or potential future problems. We need to stop this. Try to maintain an accomplishments log and keep track of how much you’ve done and won. Looking at the positives will lift you up so much and really help your anxiety/stress levels.  This will help you feel much more patient, and tackle stress and frustration too. You  are worth celbrating and your accomplishemnts are worth recording. let’s focus on the good stuff.


Take Action

There’s a different kind of power that comes with taking action, and that’s exactly what you need to do when you’re feeling stressed and frustrated. You never see an action hero down in the dumps do you. Be your own action hero! When you take the first step to change things, you start feeling more in control, and can actively go past the temporary hump. Infact, you’ll also be able to manage your intense feelings of frustration much more easily. Assess the realistic actions you can start implementing on, and go do them! Act on it! You will be so lgad you did it is sucha  quick win to juts get moveing.


You’ve got this

Implementing these 5 steps the next time you’re hit by frustration can help you experience a massive change and difference in your mood. Simple ways to overcome frustration can make such a huge difference to your day to day life and help your emotional wellbeing enormously . You have got his and you can change things by following the simple ways to overcome frustration out lined above. It ius really important not juts to accept roadblocks in our emotional wellbeing but find ways around and through them to make our lives better,


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Over to you

What simple ways to overcome frustration do you have and could you share them with us in the comments below. As always I do love to hear from you,






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