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Upcycle your Bra Wire

Upcycle your Bra Wire

I was challenged to upcycle my bra wire by Playtex .

The challenge comes about as they launch their new Ideal beauty bra.

Researched suggets that 9 out of 10 women said they would like to see a bra  available on the high streets with no wires and a comfortable fit.  In response Playtex created Ideal beauty (£25) – a completely wireless bra  which is just so comfy and so supportive it really is the dream bra.  You barely feel you have it on.

ideall beauty

Upcycle your Bra Wire

I have never liked wired bras that universally hare that pokey digging in feeling. This bra is idea for me and really looks as good as it feels – a pleasure to wear.

So what did I do with that old wire?  Well the idea beauty bra has a continuous fabric construction which give great lift and support so that old wire is no longer required. Playtex challenged me to come up with a fabulous new design for it.

Do you want to see what I made?

bra 2


Isn’t it just lovely and all it required was some small pilers and beads a bit of patience and having a go.

Much better use for wire than wrapping it round your boobs!

Love the new Ideal Beauty bra from Playtex. I fully believe you should not have to ‘suffer to be beautiful’ and this bra really embraces that concept, it’s fabulous!


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