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Garden Trends in 2021

Garden trends in 2021 – what to expect

I am so excited by garden trends in 2021 I am desperate to get out back and get planting

Do you keep an eye on garden trends in 2021. This coming year sees some lovely ideas and I will be embracing and enjoying them. As regular readers know I have a complete love affair with my garden.


Garden Trends in 2021

Garden Trends in 2021


6 garden trends in 2021 that you will love to follow 


garden trends in 2021

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Balcony garden trends in 2021

 I am such a massive fan of a balcony are you?

I was so excited to see that decorating them with plants was going to be big this year – it is about time they had their moment in the sun. 

Even city types are embracing all things garden in 2021 with urban balconies turning green. Maybe it is because we have had to spend so much time at home and far less outside that city dwellers feel the need to being green space home. A pot of tulip bulbs can absolutely transform a balcony and make an apartment a bright and jolly place.


Growing Fruit – Garden Trends in 2021

Self sufficiency has been a buzzword in 2020 and will continue to affect how we garden (and how we live) in 2021. Growing our own fruit was a fun  distraction during  lokdown but also met peoples more serious need to feel they were saving money and able to provide for themselves in tenuous times.


garden trends in 2021


Tiny Gardens – Garden Trends in 2021

 Do you have a teeny tiny garden?

Are you wondering what you can do in your msmall garden to zazz it up this coming year? Well don’t despair becuase there is a lot you can do to make it sing and your pride and joy.

Tiny gardens have been BIG news on Instagram  recently and are set to make a big statement in 2021 too.  Just because your space is limited doesn’t mean you shouldn’t snap up the dutch tulip bulbs and narcissi  and get ready to cover your little garden in glory and beautifully bright colours come April or may. 



Children’s Gardening

You might have seen a number of  tulip bulbs for sale recently and that is because the very best time for planting them is November and December. Getting kids involved in doing this is great fun for them and they are so super proud when their bulbs flower. Easy gardening like this is always a win, and a lovely way to introduce kids to the many benefits of gardening. 



Garden Trends in 2021 – Wildlife friendly gardens

The past year has caused us all to be more considerate towards each other and more caring and this can be shown not only in how we treat each other. It can be seen too in how we are gardening. People are striving to make their gardens more hedgehog friendly by leaving lttle wood piles and places for them to hide out of harms way.

Bees are also under threat and so we are thinking about them too and making sure to  have been friendly plants and flowers filling out gardens.  You can read more about which plants bees love here 




Garden Trends in 2021


Container gardens and raised beds

Container gardens and raised beds are great ways to get your garden looking amazing in a really manageable way,. These are awesome for people with limited spaces or who are unable to get right down tot he earth. Older and disabled people find these useful ways to garden but they work for most gardeners and gardens adding different levels, texture and interest to the garden. 


So there you go some lovely garden trends in 2021. Will you be embracing these? 




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