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How to cool your home without air conditioning

Today – How to cool your home without air conditioning

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How to cool your home without air conditioning – top tips

Have you ever wondered how to cool your home without air conditioning? Why would you even want to? Well, here in the UK very few of us actually even have air conditioning. And for those who live in hotter climes well it can be an expensive thing to install and then run. Lots of people are having the issue of trying to cool their homes without it.

So what can they possibly do to keep their home fresh and un-sticky?

Surviving a hot summer without an air conditioner can be a difficult task. With a few tricks, you can help cool your home without an air conditioner and keep comfortable. Anyone can make a few changes on a budget to help keep their home cool. You have to have a positive and solution focussed attitude, rather than sitting around getting all hot and sticky and grumpy.

You need to spring into action and put these things into place.


Here’s what you CAN do to cool down your home without air conditioning


  • A great way to cool your home without an air conditioner is to use a dehumidifier. Humidity makes the high temperatures feel even warmer. By pulling extra water out of the air you can keep your family comfortable. I have tried this and the air really does seem crisper, sharper and way less draining when you get the moisture out of it. This also massively helps with the prevention of colds and moulds!


  • You need to keep the heat OUTSIDE where it belongs!  You could use sheets, blankets, or blackout curtains to cover the windows.  You need to keep the lightest colours on the outside to prevent pulling in heat from the sun. This is a great way to keep the sun from heating up your home and it is particularly useful for upper floors that gain extra heat extremely quickly. Keeping the heat out will make a big impact.


  • Use fans to pull cool night air in. This will help you cool your home without an air conditioner and prepare your home for another hot summer day. When the day is done and the hot summer days heat is trapped in the house you can help cool your home by pointing fans facing out to remove the hot air from the house. I never sleep without a fan on my face in the summer months. such a simple thing but it makes a powerful impact. Place a fan pointing out in an upper floor window. Heat rises so the heat from the entire house will move to the upper floors making them stifling hot and stopping warm air from continuing to move up. Using a fan to vent that hot air out of your home will help keep air flowing and your home several degrees cooler.


  • To help cool your home avoid doing things that add excessive amounts of heat to your home. Opt to cook outside even if it is simply placing a slow cooker on the front porch with a milk crate over it to protect your meal from animals.  Or perhaps you want to hit the BBQ? Or maybe you just want to stick to salads and sandwiches. Heating up the kitchen will just add so much to the general overheating of a home.


  • Get rid of heavy rugs or curtains that trap in heat and oversized cushions too.. light and airy home is what you are aiming for, Keeping it clean and smelling fresh will also help a great deal to give your home a light and airy vibe.


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on how to cool your home without air conditioning and found it to be helpful.


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