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How to Stop Kids Losing Things

How to stop kids losing things – oh I have wondered this a fair few time’s over the years.

My kids lose items on a regular basis and when they were younger it was even worse. Here is just a sample of what goes missing often for my kids:



How to Stop Kids Losing Things

  • Calculators
  • Pens 
  • Rulers 
  • Rubbers
  • Hairbands
  • Football socks 
  • Gloves
  • Ties
  • Letters form school

 and very occasionally we lose (I say we but I do , most absolutely mean THEY!) 

  • Single shoes
  • PE bags containing their whole school sports kit
  • Homework
  • Lunch bags and boxes
  • Hats

Sigh – expensive losses!

There are a few tricks I have learned over the years to help kids stop losing things that I am going to share with you today.


How to Stop Kids Losing Things


How to stop kids losing things – a lesson learned

One year my son actually managed to lose 3 winter coats! 3!  How I have absolutely no idea.

Off he would go to school with them and then he’d come home coatless. He just used to take them off in class then wander to his next class not thinking about it and that by the time he realised it was lost it was coming home time.

Bizarre – only one of them ever actually turned up again and that is only because at that point I had actually learned my lesson and began labelling his items.


Does labelling items help stop kids losing things?

Whilst labeling an item does not stop a child losing it it does absolutely help with it being found!

The other thing I did a few times was make my children pay out their pocket money for items lost such as water bottles. The reason I did this was not to be mean, nor was it because I could not afford to replace them. No, the reason I made them pay for the missing water bottles is because they just didn’t seem to care at all that they had lost them which indited strongly to me that they weren’t being at all careful with their possessions. 

Once they had replaced them a few times they were a lot more mindful of them


Personalised possessions

For the very cutest  of personalised kids accessories visit Cash’s it will absolutely help you avoid lost items

They have water bottles with names on and cute icons that will be very hard for other kids to pinch or pass off as their own! 


How to Stop Kids Losing Things


They also have a lovely range of bento boxes and lunch bags that you can customise as your child likes to make sure it stays safely with them!


How to Stop Kids Losing Things


Clothes Labels – How to Stop Kids Losing Things

And of course clothes labels – oh, they so make a difference when you are looking in lost property and everything looks the same. Sometimes my kids come home with the wrong items from school, another child’ s missing possessions, and it is so much easier to hand it back to the school or the right parent when these items are labelled. 

Whether you sew in labels or iron them in it matters not but guys I cannot emphasise this enough …. do, do, do, do, do, do, DO label your kids clothes.


How to Stop Kids Losing Things


How to Stop Kids Losing Things – put their name on everything!



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